These are the secret codes to change the font on WhatsApp

WhatsApp It is the most used instant messaging application in the entire world. world. This app It is the most popular among users who own mobile phones intelligent and It is owned by the North American company Goal. It is common to see how mobile phones show a green pop-up window in which they alert that a new message has arrived, and in most cases, we pick up the device to find out who is writing to us and to find out what it is about. But although use is already part of our daily routine, there are some features of the application that can allow conversations to be more fluid, easier to read or even to try to give different treatment to some words or others depending on the intention. that we want to give them.

What does WhatsApp allow us to do?

This means of communication allows us to connect through Internet and communicate, with anyone around the world. Has been evolved through time. Since its beginnings in 2009to this day, this service Messenger service has been developing new services that bring people together without matter the distances. What started as a simple text-only messaging app has been developing more functions such as the following:

  • Calls and video calls
  • Send private messages: It has end-to-end encryption, which can only be read by the person who sends it and the person who receives it. No one else can know about the content, not even WhatsApp.
  • You can decide who can see that you are connected (on-line) or who can contact you.
  • Chat blockingyou can use passwords to protect your most personal chats, so that no one who picks up your phone can see them.
  • Temporary messages, with this function you can configure messages to disappear after having sent them, allowing you to control which ones are kept and for how long. This applies to text messages, photos, videos, voice messages
  • Silence calls of strangers. This prevents you from being a victim of so-called “spam” and contact with unknown people or entities.
  • Backups encrypted, to increase security.
  • Protection and security from the accounts of hackers and scammers. WhatsApp gives you the option to block and report these suspicious accounts.
  • Privacy Settings of the groups. With this option you can choose who can add you to group chats.
  • Profile photo privacy. You decide who can see your profile photo.
  • State Privacy
  • Block your WhatsAppso that only you have access.
  • Abandon silent groups
  • Access communities to keep yourself informed or make your community to keep your followers informed promptly.
  • In addition to sharing emojis, stickers or gifs, you can change the font of your messages. Surely you didn't know this, so here we explain it to you.

How to change the font of my WhatsApp messages

First things first, we must not confuse fountain with typography.

The typography It is an important part of a brand's identity. In the case of this application, we use Helvetica for the text of the messages we send or receive every day.

The fountain It is related, due to its style and size. This application allows us to use bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace.

To use these formats you must use special codes, at the beginning and at the end of the fragment, that you want to change the format. These are the codes:

Write in bold: To highlight the words you need, you can use bold. You just have to put an asterisk in the word or phrase.

*Good morning*

Write with italics: You must put the word or phrase between underscores.

_Good morning_

Write in strikethrough: Between the word or phrase you want to cross out, it must be between little verses.

~Good morning~

Write in monospace: The word or phrase that you want to put in monospace, you must put it between three open accents.

“`Good morning“`

What is monospace? : It is that format in which its letters and characters occupy exactly the same amount of horizontal space, as the letters that were designed on the typewriter.

This can be a little complicated, but luckily there is a simpler technique. If you select the text, a drop-down menu will appear, where you can choose which font to use and, immediately, this puts the codes to the selected fragment.

We remind you that the font cannot be changed but there are applications that you can install on your WhatsApp, but they are not recommended because they can be apps that can access your information without permission and put your personal data at risk.