These are the new iPad Pro and Air models

It's been more than two years since the launch of the latest iPad Air and iPad Pro models and the day has finally come. In an event broadcast around the world, Apple has presented the latest updates to the most popular models of its tablets. The iPad and iPad Pro have not been updated since October 2022 and the iPad Air since March of the same year. The iPad Mini has been on the bench longer: since September 2021.

Let's go first with the iPad Pro. They come in two sizes: 11 (1,200 euros) and 13 inches (1,550 euros). Both with OLED screens, but with an interesting twist: two overlapping OLED panels to combine higher resolution and brightness. It is Tandem OLED technology that provides greater details in brightness and shadows. Both models include Ultra Retina XDR. Added to this is a nanometric structure that further increases the resolution.

Obviously not They have talked about battery or charging time or other similar details, something normal in Apple products. They have emphasized that it is the thinnest product from the company to date: 5.1 millimeters and a weight that does not reach half a kilo for the 11-inch Pro and about 200 grams more for the 13-inch.

They are equipped with a M4: second generation 3 nanometer technology. This means it is 50% faster than the M2. It has 10 cores in the GPU. In terms of performance per energy, it maintains the same performance as previous versions with a quarter of the energy. The NPU chip, or neural engine, is capable of performing 38 billion operations per second. It is 60 times more operations than the A11.

With regards to the iPad Air, a 13-inch version arrives (950 euros) along with the 11-inch version (700 euros). In this case, obviously the weight does not exceed half a kilo and visual lightness is what prevails. The front camera has “its own intelligence”: if it detects another person in the scene, it widens the field in video calls to include them. The screen remains LCD, but with improvements in contrast ratio and color accuracy. The SoC will be the M2, a significant improvement over the current M1: 50% faster and 3 times faster thanks to the A12 bionic chip and up to 1 TB of memory. When it comes to colors, black and silver are joined by purple and light blue.

The two most recognized iPad accessories, keyboard and iPencil, also bring new features.The last of them becomes the third generation of Apple Pencil and comes with the name Pro, designed specifically for the iPad Pro OLED. Account with haptic feedback (allows you to confirm certain tasks) and if we lose it will be linked to the FindMe option. You can also create customizable interactions and activate accesses without touching the screen. Pressing the screen will bring up new task options. All this for 120 euros.

As for the Magic Keyboard, It will adapt to the new dimensions of the iPad Pro and Air models and brings a new aluminum chassis, a wider pad and new quick access functions. For the modest figure of 329 euros.