These are the games that arrive in the Netflix catalog during the month of May

Attention players, we are launching content with the publication of the games that will soon be incorporated into the Netflix catalog. This month, the streaming platform expands with five new games exclusively for mobile devices. We start with 'Sonic Mania Plus' from SEGA, now available, the iconic platform game 'Braid, Anniversary Edition' by Jonathan Blow (with an exclusive level for Netflix members), 'Paper Trail' from Newfangled and 'Katana Zero'from Devolver Digital, in addition to the incorporation'Virgin River'an interactive fiction game based on the company's successful programs belonging to the catalog Netflix Stories.

Sonic Mania Plus (May 7)

Run, jump and collect golden rings in the role of Sonic, Tails either Knuckles in this fast-paced tribute made by and for fans of the beloved franchise. Experience the ultimate celebration of the world's beloved fastest blue hedgehog in this retro platformer remixed of callbacks and Easter eggs from previous 'Sonic' installments. A perfect game for both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise.

Braid Anniversary Edition (May 14)

In the game, players will be able to travel from a house in the city through a series of interconnected worlds where time behaves strangely, in search of an elusive princess. Along the way, we will have the chance to explore memories and regrets that still haunt us. This remaster of the platformer's anniversary edition contains 40 new levels (including one exclusive to Netflix members), completely revamped high-resolution graphics, new sound effects, and extensive audio commentary.

Paper Trail (May 21)

A cozy puzzle adventure named Best Mobile Game in it Tokyo Game Show. Set in a world of folding paper, here users are immersed in the world of Paige, a budding academic who leaves home for the first time to continue her studies. On this journey, you will have to discover secrets, explore new areas, meet characters with memorable stories to finally solve puzzles by folding the environment and merging the two sides into one.

Netflix Stories: Virgin River (May 29)

In 'Virgin River' players can escape into comfort and beauty to find romance and camaraderie where it is least expected. Trapped in a dead-end job and heartbroken, our protagonist knows that he needs to make a change. When destiny takes you to Virgin River, what begins as a short trip becomes much more. Interact with your favorite characters and make decisions that will help you discover what is missing in your life: community, wholeness, and ultimately true love.

Katana Zero (May TBD)

Loved for its 16-bit visuals and retro aesthetic, in this stylish neo-noir pixel art platformer, you're a samurai assassin facing fast-paced action and instant death combat. Attack enemies with your sword (or anything else you have at your disposal) and avoid obstacles to advance to the next level. Choose how to respond in conversations that drive the story between levels.