These are the four new features that WhatsApp presented today

Not only is it the most used app, it should also hold the record for most frequent updates. WhatsApp launches new features practically every week. And this has not been an exception. Through his channel in the application, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the options that we can now start using.

The Meta messaging app is going to add four new text formatting options to help us write and organize our messages. They are intended to save time and communicate more easily, especially in group chats.

New WhatsApp optionsGoalGoal

These are the new options:

Bulleted Lists. The purpose is to summarize the steps of a process, list the ingredients of a recipe, or highlight the main points of a message. To use them you must head the message with a middle dash: – followed by a space.

Numbered lists. They serve to indicate a specific order of things, such as instructions or a recapitulation of events. To use them, type 1 or 2 digits followed by a period and a space. Automatically, the system will follow the order.

block quote. It serves to highlight key text and make it more visible in messages. To use this option you must type the > symbol followed by a space.

Aligned code. It can be used to help distinguish specific information within a sentence. If we want to use it, we must write the ` symbol within the text.

These options are in addition to bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace and are available to all Android, iOS, Web and Mac users. They can also be used by channel administrators.