The WhatsApp Web trick to read messages without them knowing

Although WhatsApp was born as a mobile application, originally for iOS, in its 15 years of history it has known multiple versions. First for Androidlater, when its success made it unstoppable, also for other operating systems with a presence among consumers at the time such as SymbianOS either BlackberryOS and in other more current ones such as Windows and macOS. But among all the alternatives to the mobile app, the most used is WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp launched its web version in 2015 and, although it has always gone behind the mobile versiontoday it offers enough functions so that it can be a suitable substitute while in front of a computer. Its configuration is as simple as entering and linking it with the app on the mobile, capturing the QR code that shows the web from the WhatsApp camera, through the option Linked devices.

WhatsApp Web does not allow you to make calls or video calls, but it does allow you to send messages, voice notes, images and other types of files. If you are working in front of a computer, it is more accessible and above all much more convenient than its mobile counterpart.

The web version has fewer functions, but in exchange it offers some features not available on mobiles. One is the power to use keyboard shortcuts and speed up many tasks when using WhatsApp.

Another is the preview that allows the user to access the content of a message and get to know him without having to open the conversation. This is an alternative to other ways to read WhatsApp messages in the mobile app without the sender knowing that this was the case.

The way to do it is very simple and no need to change any app settings. In WhatsApp Web, chat tabs are displayed in a column on the left side, while most of the screen shows whichever conversation is currently selected.

All the user has to do is move the mouse pointer over a conversation that is not selected and in which there are messages that have not been accessed, without clicking. WhatsApp will show a window with the full text of the last received message.

The limitations of this method are that, on the one hand, it only gives access to the last message received, even if there are several to read. On the other hand, you need to be inside the application, so your status will be online and the sender of the message can see if you are paying attention or not. And if it is an image, video, voice note or other file, it indicates what it is but content does not display or play in preview.