The very curious conversation between Almeida, the mayor of Madrid and his wife about Real Madrid and Joselu

Jude Bellingham and Toni Kroos They were convinced that the real Madrid will win the fifteenth at Wembley on June 1, with strong messages in his first meeting with the fans at the LaLiga celebration on the balcony of the Communitywhere Luka Modricand was moved by the chants asking him to stay and asked for the Ballon d'Or for Vinícius.

The celebration party of real Madrid It began at the Community headquarters with the offering of the cup to the thousands of fans who gathered at Puerta del Sol. With captain Nacho Fernández acting as master of ceremonies, the first anecdotes occurred. The chants of Carlo Ancelotti and Vinícius with the microphone. Antonio Rüdiger's cry: “the madman is here.”

“Thanks to you and the efforts of this squad, which has been spectacular, we are celebrating with everyone. Since I like to sing, let's sing together,” said Ancelotti before starting off with the new team anthem. real Madrid.

Making an effort to speak in Spanish, Jude Bellingham He was surprised by the confidence he showed in winning the Champions League final against his former team, Borussia Dortmund. “Thank you very much for the support and love this season. There is one more great game left at Wembley and we are going to win Go Madrid!“, said.

Toni Kroos showed the same confidence while listening to the fans asking him in a chant not to retire and to agree to continue at Real Madrid. “I don't like to sing a lot but I'm sure that in three weeks we'll see each other here again,” he predicted.

After the real Madrid He went to the Town Hall, where he was received by Mayor Almeida, confessed red and white.

The mayor said that his life, also a football one, has changed since he got married: “I was at the Bayern game, now I am a mixed marriageeither. At minute 85 and my wife sends me the message to activate talisman mode. And I told him that they were going to score three goals (one was disallowed) and I told him that Joselu was going to score the goals. “I'm happy because I saw a photo entering Saint Denis two years ago and Joselu represents us.”

Furthermore, the mayor of Madrid has told Florentino Perez that all the children at City Hall had asked him about Mbappé “and the children tell the truth.”