The trick to continue watching Prime Video without ads and without paying more

Prime Video It has been the last streaming platform to embrace the advertising model, precisely what most distinguished this type of services from traditional television, and set subscription plans with and without ads. Netflix He opened the ban in 2022 and since then they have followed him Disney+ and HBO Maxconverted into Max in Spain starting next May 21, and now the service amazon since last April 9.

We must give Prime Video credit for the fact that, for the moment, advertising breaks They are few and short-lived, although introduced with the same purpose as in traditional television. That is, wherever it falls, regardless of whether you are in the middle of a crucial scene. But in any case, It is a worsening of the service, after years of being able to enjoy movies and series without any type of advertising interruption. The only thing that Prime Video had allowed itself throughout these years is to present one or two trailers for other titles on the platform before the content to be played.

This is what users have had since December 2016, when Prime Video landed in Spain, shortly after Netflix and HBOas part of the Amazon Prime subscription that then It had a cost of 20 euros per year. Now it is €49.90/year.

As expected, this change has introduced a new pricing scheme in which users can forget about ads by paying €1.99 more every month. What adds up 23.88 euros per year and leaves the annual subscription at 73.78 euros. How things have changed in 7 years.

Not all Prime Video users will be affected in the same way. Those who access the platform through the contracts they have with the operators Pepephone, Orange and Vodafonethey will not start seeing ads until next September 9. They will enjoy a cadence of 5 months, but their time will come anyway.

How to watch Prime Video without advertising and at no extra cost

However, there is a way to get rid of Prime Video ads through a simple trick that you may or may not take advantage of. depending on the device from which the platform is accessed.

Among the features of the Prime Video subscription are the downloads that allow you to access content even when you do not have an Internet connection. It is not the only reason to do it, also to have it available when you do not have a Wi-Fi connection and you want to watch something without spending mobile rate data. Prime Video allows downloading on up to 4 devices and with a maximum number of between 15 and 25 for each of them, depending on the market.

Another advantage that downloads offer is that do not include advertising. They do not show the usual advertisements for other Prime Video titles before the content is played or the advertising interruptions that users have been experiencing since April 9.

So Downloading an episode or movie instead of streaming it is the loophole that, for the moment, Prime Video has left to avoid advertising. Not all users can take advantage of it, since this option is available in apps for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows, but not on Smart TVs. These users have the option of sending content from their smartphone to the TV or connecting a computer to take advantage of this function from the corresponding app, Windows or Mac.

It is possible that in the future Prime Video will correct this situation and include ads in downloads, but at the moment this is not the case and users can continue to enjoy ad-free playback without having to increase the cost of their subscription.