The Spanish video game company Dinamic celebrates its 40 years in the interactive entertainment industry

The video game distributor and producerdynamic is currently celebrating his 40th Anniversary. Founded in the early 80s by the brothers Pablo, Nacho and Victor Ruiz Tejedorit has rained a lot since in their first months of activity (they themselves did all the work of recording, production, design and printing of covers and distribution of their own games) they formed a limited meeting point as the “Dinamic Mansion”, a space where a group of friends bet that anything was possible, inspired by international companies to determine that determined and constant work focused on talent and creation would demonstrate that in Spain it is possible and that in our country “there is no reason to envy anyone anything.”

To date, they have been in charge of the distribution of more than 60 video games, more than 12 platforms – from Spectrum to Streaming -, and have more than 25 million players worldwide. They also had the participation of the brilliant Alfonso Azpiri who imagined and created the illustrations that made video games bigger and who undoubtedly postulated them as art.

Abu Simbel Profanationdynamic

“It is a real pride to have contributed our grain of sand to serve as an inspiration to all those who wanted to dedicate themselves to the creation of video games in Spain, showing that it was possible and that in our country we do not have to envy anyone anything,” says Pablo Ruiz, responsible for the company.

The video game today is universally recognized as a culture, for this reason and in its own right, it is destined to become the “eighth art.” What's more, by this year 2024, the synergy between creation, technology and interaction has conquered more than one billion players around the world and will generate $280 billion.

History of his creations

The story goes back to the Dinamic Mansion and the official debut of 'Yenght', a conversational adventure for Spectrum. With the release of 'Saimazoom' is when they started their first great commercial success. This title would begin a trilogy starring the character Johny Jones that would be completed with 'Babaliba' and 'Abu Simbel Profanation'.

Army Moves
Army Movesdynamic

A year later the programming of the Moves trilogy would begin, which began with 'Army Moves' in 1986 (the first Spanish video game to reach 1,000,000 players worldwide), followed with 'Navy Moves' in 1988 and by 'Arctic Moves'. With 'Fernando Martin Basket Master', licenses and AI come into play for the first time and inaugurated the Spanish strategy of having famous faces, mainly from sports, to lend their image.

That same year, the most commercially successful conversational adventure in Spain was launched, 'Don Quixote', a Dinamic commitment to adventures that opens the door to literature in video games. Other titles that had wide Spanish and international distribution were deliveries such as 'Freddy Hardest', 'Phantis', 'Aspar GP Master', 'After the War', 'Narcopolice' either 'PC Basket' and 'PC Soccer', among others.