The PS5 Pro will be up to 3 times faster than the PS5 and would arrive this year

Four years after the launch of PS5, Sony plans to release a more powerful version under the name PS5 Pro. A Sony technical document with specifications of the game console has been leaked through the YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead and its content has later been confirmed by Inside Gaming. The latter adds the date of November 2024 like the launch one, but this could be seen delayed due to the shortage of Sony's own games that awaits the platform this year.

As happened in the previous generation with the models PS4 and PS4 Prothe new one PlayStation will update the GPU while it will keep the same CPUalthough this will have a high frequency mode that It will increase its speed by 10% compared to that of the PS5 standard, up to 3.85GHz.

But the main change is that of the graphics processor, which will no longer be a customized version of the graphics card. Radeon RX 6700 to something close to RX 7700 XTa model from the series RX7000 of amd launched last September for a price of $449.

In the leaked screenshots, a capacity of 67 teraflops in 16-bit floating point calculations and 33.5 teraflops in single precision computing. The PS5 GPU reaches 10.28 teraflops in this aspect, so the new model would triple this capacity in some tasks. However, this is not a comparison between equals since they use a different graphical architecture, RDNA 3 versus RDNA 2. In any case, PS5 Pro renders 45% fasteror that PS5 according to the leak and triples the performance with ray tracing.

System memory bandwidth increases by 28% compared to PS5 and is located in 576 GB/s. It also has a audio hardware with better performance, capable of processing more effects, and maintains the CPU with architecture ZEN 2 8 cores and 16 threads. Activating the high frequency mode of this implies a slight reduction in the performance of the GPU of a 1.5%.

PS5 Pro will support resolutions up to 8K and has a function PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR)similar to DLSS of Nvidia and the FSR from AMD, which uses machine learning to improve image quality and allow game upscaling to higher resolutions.

Its appearance will be similar to that of the recent redesign of the PS5 and with support for a detachable optical disc drive.

According to Insider Gaming, Sony studios have development kitsprototypes of the new video game console, from September 2023 and those of third parties since the latter January. The whitepaper was leaked through a PlayStation development portal that studios outside of Sony began accessing last week.