The PP will unify criteria in the “common EBAU” that the PP autonomies will make in 2025, but not contents

The PP is not in a position to implement a single Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EBAU) “because we do not govern”, but it is able to make a «common EBAU» in 70% of the Spanish territory where the PP has autonomous power. The term was coined yesterday by the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who announced that this access test will be valid in 2025 in all the autonomies where the popular ones govern. «We are going to do it and we are going to make it available to the Ministry of Education and of all the autonomous communities, because it does not make sense to have 17 tests to access the same university system, which is the Spanish university system,” he said in a colloquium on Education in León in which the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso, also participated. Fernández Mañueco.

Thus, all the PP communities would have a selectivity in which, although “It is impossible to homogenize content, it is possible to apply similar criteria”he detailed to LA RAZÓN Esther Muñoz, deputy secretary of Education of the PP.

Thus, the exam model that students would face could be unified in terms of the number of questions, not the content, the number of days in which the test is held or the criteria to apply when determining which optional subjects. grades go up and which ones don’t, to give an example. Although now everything depends on a study commission that will be created shortly in the party to address the initiative. «I understand that the Government does not want to participate in this proposal so as not to piss off its pro-independence partners, but we are committed to equal opportunities. This is a proposal that we have been working on for some time,” said Muñoz.

The initiative, however, has not been well received by the Educational Community. The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) considers “impossible” to apply Feijóo’s proposal. «At this time a single test is impossible because we do not have a single Baccalaureate in all communities», assured the president of CRUE, Eva Alcónin statements to Ep.

Francisco Venzalápresident of the teachers union ANPEbelieves that due to the disparity in criteria when grading the EBAU tests «The same criteria must be followed both in substance and in their content and evaluation in those subjects that are common. This uniformity must be led and established by the Ministry and coordinated within the Sectoral Education Conference.

The general secretary of CC OO, Francisco García has described the proposal as “unviable because the competition lies with the universities.”», while from the Ministry of Education They consider that the proposal to launch a test only for the PP communities “creates division and fosters inequalities”.