The PP tightens the siege on Sánchez and Armengol

The PP places the President of the Government at the top of the plot of the “Koldo case”, which it already calls the “Sanchez case”, and does not relax its complaint that the top socialist leader was “aware of what was happening.” and covered it. They cite, as evidence, the six letters that an Aragonese lawyer, Ramiro Grau, sent to the Presidency of the Government denouncing the irregularities of the company linked to this alleged corruption scheme.

The Popular Party does not advance anything about the development of the investigation commission into this scandal that with its absolute majority they will control in the Upper House, but it can already be anticipated that they will lengthen it as long as possible, turning it into an “agonizing passage.” for the President of the Government, his ministers and his most trusted people. All the most sensitive members of Moncloa and the socialist leadership will enter the parade, without even ruling out that the president's wife, Begoña Gómez, may be summoned.

The PSOE has a disadvantage, and that is that in Congress it does not control the investigation commission that it announced to silence the first information that affected the former minister José Luis Ábalos and that ended up forcing the PSOE to demand that he resign from his seat and to put the procedure for expulsion from the party is underway. Its precarious position forces it to agree with the so-called “progressive majority”, with its pro-independence and nationalist partners, and it is not so easy for it to coordinate agendas in an electoral context and when interests are, in many cases, opposite.

The party president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, first insisted on the strategy of directly targeting Sánchez in the Senate yesterday, and the general secretary, Cuca Gamarra, later followed the same line. «Corruption corners and corners Pedro Sánchez, so the president can no longer deceive anyone that he didn't know anything. He has her closer every time,” emphasized the “number two” of the party.

Hours before, Feijóo had also referred to the degree of knowledge that Sánchez had of the investigation. The Popular Party urgently reconvened the working group created in Genoa to follow up on the revelations of the summary, to which they have access having appeared in the case as a popular accusation. “There is not a single Spaniard who believes that this takes Mr. Sánchez by surprise and who does not see an increasingly bigger and closer siege on Mr. Sánchez,” said Feijóo. To then emphasize that what is happening in Moncloa, in the Government and in the PSOE “is very serious and requires concrete, courageous responses and assuming responsibilities.”

The questions that Feijóo asks Sánchez, and that the PP will return to address in the investigation commission, are, among others, how long has he known, in whole or in part, what happened; what he did since he became aware of the events that affect his closest circle; why he removed Ábalos as Minister of Transport and restored him to the lists in the last general elections, once again granting him the role of strategic advisor, according to what the minister declared in the interview with Carlos Alsina; since he is waiting to apply the same table of requirements to the other names that appear in the UCO reports.

But in addition to Sánchez, the PP's priority is the president of Congress and former president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, about whom it is not understood why the Prosecutor's Office has not yet opened proceedings after what has become known in relation to the contracts with the company of the plot and the scam that it took on with the masks without demanding the return of the public money paid for them. She even went so far as to claim the European funds even though she knew that it was useless material and that she had to leave it stored in a warehouse. Former Minister Ábalos has made it easy for the PP by differentiating his contracts from those of Armengol: “There is a loss in the public coffers.” The president of Congress is the weakest piece of the President of the Government, and the “prey” that Génova is not going to let go because they are convinced that she is a burden for Sánchez that nullifies their slogan that they do not admit cases of corruption within their rows. She came to Government through a motion of censure against Rajoy's Government and displaying credentials in her anti-corruption file.