The pathological “antiAyuso” obsession of Mónica García

Monica Garcia has announced his candidacy to the World Health Organization (WHO)we do not know if to defend the interests of the Spanish Health Service there or to take its position to the UN. “antiAyuso” obsession, the only issue that moves him in most of his appearances. The health minister sees that she has not yet managed to overcome her old obsessions, and is installed in the Ministry It continues to err and err against the strategies that punish Madrid in favor of other autonomous communities. So that nor will the Agency for Public Health be in the capitalwhich is where it would correspond, nor have leading Madrid hospitals been taken into account such as 12 de Octubre, La Paz, Puerta de Hierro, Ramón y Cajal or the Jiménez Díaz Foundation when locating future comprehensive cancer centers. The CAM hospital network serves 40 percent of the country's cancer patients. The aforementioned centers have the best research units. But it's the same. García is so obsessed with Isabel Díaz Ayuso that any of her actions are aimed at the same thing. Now he has launched it against Quirón, forgetting that it is the private group preferred by Catalan healthcare and by most of the autonomies. And even by the state Health. Mainly because it works.

What Mónica García likes is the amnesty, and above all, hitting Díaz Ayuso even if that harms the people of Madrid. In everything else, her management is more than pitiful. Hence the obsession he has with running to the WHO., under the protection of Bill Gates and the dark George Soros. With these you don't need to know much about almost anything. Just saying yes is enough. And Mónica García is more than read about that.