The option that makes your Android mobile slower

As time goes by, it is normal for the cell phone to not work. so fast like at the beginning. Luckily, there are several things we can do when a cell phone starts working irregularlysuch as deleting the application cache, checking the device's storage space or, the most aggressive, the factory reset.

There is another trick that not everyone knows and can significantly affect the performance of our device, especially in cell phones from several years ago. We are talking about deactivating the animations of OSsomething that will help us free up some of the resources consumed on the mobile and get it to work faster than before.

Improve performance

Although the animations of OS They are an essential part of the user experience, it is true that if your mobile is somewhat old and it is not a high-end terminal, they can cause it to slow down. For this reason, it may be interesting disable animations with the aim of improving performance.

If you have never seen the option we are talking about in your device settings, it is because the menu is hidden: in order to deactivate the animations we will have to have previously enabled them. developer options.

Step by Step

To do this, you will have to activate the options in Settings > Phone information and press the Build number option seven times. Of course, keep in mind that the steps may vary depending on the version of Android we are using.

  • Open the app”Settings
  • Go to “System
  • Find the section “Developer options
  • Scroll to the section “Drawing
  • Once in this section you will see the options related to the operating system animations: window animation scale, transition animation scale and animation duration scale
  • Click on each of these options and choose the option “Animation disabled

Android uses animations to improve the user experience. For this reason, it is possible that when you deactivate them you notice that your cell phone does not behave as usual. This is normal, since the animations provide “feedback” every time you interact with the device. Despite this, we recommend that you try this trick and assess if it is worth it.