The Nokia 3210 returns, one of the most legendary mobile phones of the 90s and 2000s

Not everyone needs a smartphone, but can get by with a dumb one. They are known as dumb phones or feature phones, terminals in the line of those that were sweeping 2 and 3 decades ago and that They offer the basics of a mobile phone, which at that time was everything you could want in one. The Finnish manufacturer H.M.D.which is the one who markets the mobile phones that come out under the brand Nokia Since 2016, it has just launched a new version of the legendary Nokia 3210, slightly modernized, for a price of 79.99 euros.

This type of release will interest the nostalgic already those who want to detox digitally and prefer a terminal that does not generate dependency on current smartphones. The new 3210 maintains the advantages of the old mobile phones, such as resistance and autonomy, while adding some slight improvements. And if, comes with the also legendary game Snake in an improved version.

The old Nokia 3210 from 1999.Wikipedia.

The old 3210 is the seventh best-selling mobile phone in history and introduced new features such as the first internal antenna, vibration alert and allowing the user to compose their own ringtones. It had an autonomy of 4 and a half hours in conversation and 10 days on standby and succeeded the also successful Nokia 3110. Launched in 1999, it sold 161 million units.

Nokia 3210 from 2024.
Nokia 3210 from 2024.HMD.

The new version stylizes the classic design of the original and, although it is still a retro phone, it is a significant improvement over it. The screen is larger than an inch and a half and has a resolution of 84×84 pixels. at 2.5 and 320×240, respectively. Its autonomy also grows up to 9.8 hours talk time, without the manufacturer indicating the waiting time. It has a Unisoc T107 CPU with 64 MB of RAM, 128 MB internal storage with MicroSD card slot up to 32 GB, S30+ operating system, 2 MP rear camera with LED flash, USB-C connector, 4G and Bluetooth 5 .

The new Nokia 3210 does not have any apps other than those that come pre-installed and its focus is to avoid all the distractions that current smartphones generate while maintaining the most important functionalities on a mobile: calls and SMS. Can also be used as MP3 player and FM radio connecting headphones through the 3.5 mm Jack.