The new WhatsApp function with which you will never have to take a profile photo again

The artificial intelligence reaches new corners of WhatsApp. Goal has been working on various AI functions for its main products for some time and now a new feature of this type has been known for the most popular of them all, WhatsApp. According to WABetaInfo, the user will be able to generate images with artificial intelligence in the application to use as a profile photo.

The feature is currently Developing and it is not yet ready for beta testers, although a preview can already be found in version of the beta for Android. In the screenshot posted by WABetaInfo, the option is shown for the user enter a text description from which the AI ​​generates a profile image for your account.

This function allows you to create unique and personalized profile photos that reflect personality, interests and moods more accurately than a standard photo. It is also helpful when not sure which image to use. Instead of spending time searching for or taking the perfect photo, users can simply generate one by providing a prompt.

Another advantage associated with the new feature is that you can share AI-generated profile photos on WhatsApp, instead of real photos, to prevent misuse by malicious people. It is a privacy improvement that complements another that the application recently received that prevents taking a screenshot of a contact's profile image.

It also joins other AI functions that WhatsApp currently has in development, such as the creation of stickers with AI, based on the text description entered by the user, and a variety of AI chatbots, currently available on a very limited basis in some countries. These can function as assistants to search for information on various topics, give recommendations and generate images based on text descriptions.

Other features that WhatsApp has in development and that have nothing to do with artificial intelligence are a revamped interface for status updates, hiding group chats from Communities, and offline file transferamong other.