The National Police warns about scams and robberies at Taylor Swift's concerts in Madrid

have passed 13 years since the last concert Taylor Swift in Spain. So could not fill even half of the Madrid Sports Palace, now WiZink Center, which then had a capacity of 10,000 attendees, but the panorama in 2024 is very different. Taylor Swift is considered the number 1 artist on the music scene and without problems fills the largest venues months before the celebration of their shows.

Swift arrives this week two nights at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid, on the 29th, Wednesday, and 30th, Thursday. Both concerts are sold out and will bring together a crowd of 65,000 people every nightwhich raises some questions related to the safety of attendees that the National Police in a video he published on X.

In the message, an agent explains that scams, theft and security These are the main aspects that attendees should take into account. The scam refers to the resale of tickets for a concert whose tickets are quoted at prices as high as 20,000 euros. This interest in attending Swift's show makes it a perfect opportunity for those who want to scam reselling fake tickets that will not pass entry control to the Santiago Bernabéu.

Also recommends Come early to avoid crowds, as well as follow the instructions of the police and security personnel. In addition to avoiding discomfort until the venue is full, showing up hours in advance also reduces opportunities to pickpockets who take advantage of the crowd to steal from carelessness. Finally, and in terms of security, he advises have security exits located in case it is necessary to use them.