The most political face of Vicente del Bosque: His opinion on Ferreras, the PP or Iglesias and the condition he has placed on Sánchez

Ex footballer and coach of Real Madrid, Spanish coach, 1st Marquis of Del Bosque and, since yesterday, the person in charge of protecting the RFEF has been closely monitored by UEFA and FIFA.

The commission in charge of overseeing the Spanish Football Federation will be chaired by former coach Vicente del Bosque. This was announced yesterday by the minister spokesperson, Pilar Alegría, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers. “He represents the best of football in our country, not only for his sporting successes, but he is the clearest representation of a person of great human quality and an example of honesty and respect,” argued the also Minister of Education, who wanted “I would like to thank you for your commitment to sport and to your country in general for representing us so worthily in the face of the challenges we have ahead of us with the Euro Cup and the Olympic Games.”“Vicente del Bosque is going to be the face of Spanish football. We will see him in the final of the 'Champions League', during the Euro Cup and during the Olympic Games,” he sentenced.

The Government thus chose a man of consensus to prevent Pedro Rocha – charged, charged and pending a possible suspension – from being the visible face of the Federation. Del Bosque only set one condition: not to collect any type of salary.

Pedro Sánchez's first offer

His choice is no surprise that his name has been linked to the PSOE on many occasions. In fact, in 2020, del Bosque himself revealed that he received a call from the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to participate in politics, but he rejected the proposal because it is a “very delicate matter” like sports in Spain and he thinks that for There must be someone “very prepared” in that role. «Pedro Sánchez called me, he didn't offer me anything but he told me to do something in politics. I admire politicians, but I am not going to get into this world because I am layman. Furthermore, I don't want to get involved in a matter as delicate and important as sport in Spain, I think someone has to be very prepared.”said Del Bosque on Cadena Ser.

The former Real Madrid coach was strongly interested in taking the position of Secretary of State for Sports but he responded ironically: “My father always told me: behave well and don't get involved in politics.”

Even so, the former coach He has never hidden his leftist ideas and, although he assures that he has never asked the players about their vote, he has not hesitated to give his opinion on politics in more than one interview.

His father Fermin He lived through the Civil War and suffered the subsequent repression, going to prison in Álava for three years. The reason was none other than being a Republican. From him he assures that he learned rectitude and commitment and also his political feelings.

His most political reflections

In 2010 he did not hesitate to defend José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero: “a man who has been so vilified, so attacked, I think he is a clean person and who is trying to do the best for the country” and he has also praised Pedro Sánchez and has firmly defended the Historical Memory Law.

He is clear about Podemos and Pablo Iglesias: “Pablo Iglesias is not a young player, nor a promising one. He is not a virgin. He has been in politics for many years. He has his good things, but I don't like that he has focused all his efforts on the PSOE. . Also, his name is Pablo Iglesias, damn!”, he stated in 2016.

He also did not spare his criticism of the opposition during the pandemic. In an interview in “Mundo Deportivo” He went so far as to describe the PP as “petty” for wanting to gain political advantage from the coronavirus and during the Government of Mariano Rajoy He accused him of not sufficiently protecting the Spanish National Team.

One of his statements that generated a stir on Twitter were those referring to Antonio García Ferreras, presenter of Al Rojo Vivo de la Sexta:Progressive television has turned it into alarmist television, to put it mildly…In sports they are going to close it soon. You have two showers left. I admired him because he was the ideologue of Cadena SER and “He has become an alarmist”he pointed out in an interview in “El Larguero”.

The former coach, world champion in 2010 and European champion in 2012, has been the calm and visible face of our football since yesterday.