The money that Luis Rubiales lost for his “peak” to Jenni Hermoso: this is what he earned per year

The Prosecutor's Office made public yesterday its request for penalties for the 'Rubiales case'. The request for the former president of the Federation is a sentence of two and a half years in prison: one for a crime of sexual assault and one and a half for a crime of coercion. The rest of the accused (Albert Luque, Jorge Vilda and Rubén Rivera) are asked for a year and a half in prison for the aforementioned crime of coercion.

The accusation considers it proven that the former federation leader is guilty of a crime of sexual assault for the forced kiss he gave to Jennifer Hermoso at the formal medal ceremony after the World Cup final in Sydney, last August. For this crime, he requests a sentence of one year in prison, in addition to subjecting him to supervised release for two years and prohibiting him from communicating with Jenni Hermoso or approaching her within a radius of 200 meters for four years.

For the second crime that Rubiales was accused of, that of coercing the player, for the former leader a year and a half in prison is requested, the same sentence that is requested for the rest of the defendants: Albert Luque, Jorge Vilda and Rubén Rivera.

The kiss on the mouth that the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, gave to the player Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup medal ceremony for the Spanish team went viral on the networks immediately, it went around the world and all the foreign media echoed it. A gesture that caused an unprecedented political tsunami and led FIFA to disqualify him for 90 days.

His attitude in the box also crossed any red line of decorum in Sports. But these gestures are not an isolated event and Rubiales' mandate is dotted with scandals ranging from espionage and corruption to orgies with public money. Despite this, at the RFEF assembly, he repeated up to four times that he did not intend to resign. A decision that he ultimately had to change forced by the “powers that be” rather than his own regret.

His departure from the Federation meant a setback not only personal but also economic for the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, who enjoyed a not inconsiderable salary.

How much did Luis Rubiales earn?

Luis Rubiales multiplied its income tenfold in just a decade, earning almost one million euros in one year (928,761 euros)

Rubiales earned 97,237 euros in 2011 for work income. In that year he was already president of the players' union, the AFE, a position in which he remained until 2015.

Income began to stand out since Rubiales assumed the position of president of the Federation in 2018, when a salary of 160,000 euros was established, although it also included a percentage of 0.6% of the RFEF's sponsorship income, in addition to various accessories and housing aid.

In 2019, Rubiales also becomes vice president of UEFA, a position for which he charged close to 250,000 euros annually and thus Rubiales presented an income of 955,078 euros in 2020, the year of the pandemic.

Rubiales' salary was above 600,000 but without any variable linked to the income of the RFEF, only with the increase in the annual CPI. Specific, 675,761 euros by 2023 (371,669.03 euros net). Figures that were approved by the General Assembly of the RFEF on May 30, 2022.

But in addition, Rubiales received confirmation from the Assembly that he could continue receiving the housing aid that the RFEF had been paying him. Housing aid for Rubiales was approved with a reduction that left it at 3,000 gross euros per month or, in other words, 36,000 euros per year. A home that he finally sold for 2.5 million euros.

According to the accounts published by the RFEF, as of December 2022, expenses on “salaries and salaries” meant a disbursement of 32,207,825 euros to the Federation.

And all of this, not counting the bribes and the significant income obtained with suspicious businesses that are now being investigated.