The Minister of Equality loses her temper in Congress and shouts at a PP deputy

The Minister of EqualityAna Redondo, has raised the tone of voice excessively in Parliament, and has loudly addressed the popular deputy Jaime Miguel De los Santos. Moments later, the equality leader apologized for having lost their manners, reports Ep.

Discussion in Congress

During the control session to the Government held this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies on the occasion of the “feminist cause”the current Minister of Equality, Ana Redondo (PSOE), I have answered visibly very angry to Jaime Miguel De los Santos, PP deputy for the Madrid constituency.

The socialist went into anger when De los Santos, taking advantage of the question about the supposed disaffection of young people towards the feminist movementattacked Begoña Gómezthe wife of the President of the Government.

The opinion of young people

Ana Redondo recognized during her first intervention that There are both “worrying” and “hopeful” data on young people's conception of feminism.

So, he sees positive that “66% of young people between 18 and 26 years old are considered feminists“, that “54% of young people consider themselves related to feminism“, and that, from the whole of the societyhe 70% believe that “progress has been made around feminism and equality over the last ten years.

Furthermore, Redondo has attacked the right-wing bench arguing that the ratio of young voters which is considered feminist It is 35% in the PP and of 24% in Vox. Next, he took the opportunity to attack the Popular Group, asking the group to disengage from what he has defined as “that denialism that is so harmful”and which he assures “is deeply affecting” the youth.

For his part, De los Santos has responded by calling the PSOE “turncoats from the feminist cause” for having voted for the “law only if it means yes”, and has argued that young people feel “further each day” from the socialists and of “their ideas” because they see “how sexual offenders take to the streets every day.”

The minister's anger

The popular deputy has accused the PSOE of talking about equality while they “lower their heads” in front of “the only woman in Spain who is different from the others”. She added that “as far as I know, No one can direct a chair at a public university if they are not a professor.neither a doctor, nor a graduate”, but that “the wife of the President of the Government is not the same”.

Faced with these words, Ana Redondo has shouted that this is a “terrible lack of respect for equality”, and has blurted out “What a terrible lack of respect towards women! What terrible machismo that has been heard here today!” Then, she continued excitedly expressing “Reactionary machismo, machismo and denialism, machismo and denialism of the PP!” with a broken voice because of the high tone he used and visibly very upset.

He ended this intervention by highlighting the recent cases that have occurred in Spain because they add up ““48 hours with two women murdered and two children murdered by vicarious violence”. And, in an even louder tone, he shouted: “Shame! Shame! Shame! It can't be done! It can't be done! It can't be done! Shame on mixing it all up! Denialism kills! Denialism kills! And you are accomplices! Complicit in that denialism! And we've had a terrible 48 hours! Terrible, gender violence! Of sexist violence! Terrible! And here we have to be together!”

According to TheObjetive, parliamentary sources have assured that the Minister of Equality He approached De los Santos after the session to apologize for having raised the tone in his response.