The military improvements in Chafarinas and Alborán are taken as a provocation by Moroccan media

The news that the Spanish authorities decided reactivate the solar energy plant on the Chafarinas Islands and new facilities on the island of Alboránhas been taken by Moroccan media as a provocation towards his country. The digital ones remind that the Spanish Ministry of Defense is going to develop communications in both enclaves, with a budget of 600,000 euros. The works are expected to be carried out quickly so that they can be completed this summer.

Las Chafarinas, which is 3.5 kilometers from the Moroccan coast, is made up of Congress Island, Isabel II Island and King Francisco Island. They are protected under the form of a National Hunting Refuge. Only the Spanish military stationed there have access to them, along with guards and scientists from the biological station..

ChafarinasA. CruzThe reason

With respect to Alborán Island is of volcanic origin., about 55 kilometers from the coast of Morocco and 85 from that of Almería. It has been under Spanish sovereignty since 1540after having been taken from the Tunisian privateer Al-Borany in the battle that gives its name to the islet.