The legendary SEGA Mega Drive is resurrected in a laptop that runs original cartridges

The Hyperkin company, known for the production of different accessories for the gaming sector, has presented a portable version Mega Drive that works with original cartridges of the classic SEGA console. The platform, which has been called “Mega 95”, is inspired by the current “MegaRetroN HD Gaming Console”, from the same company and, likewise, is compatible with Mega Drive. This uses hardware emulation at the quality of a premium FPGA-based system used in the Mega Sg, released by Analogue in 2019 to run Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear and SG-1000 video games.

In laptop mode or on the big screen

In the foreground, the main differences between devices are evident from the design, which at both ends represents the shape of the classic controller of the Japanese company’s beloved game console. Each unit of “Mega 95” will also be accompanied by a USB-C dock which works in a very similar way to that of the Nintendo Switch, that is, it allows users to transfer the image to a television or screen.

To complete the game set in living room mode Several controllers connected to the ports that the device incorporates can be used precisely for this functionality. This way it will be possible to play Mega Drive titles both in portable mode with your five inch screen as in traditional format. These titles will be able to run in aspect ratios 16:9 and 4:3 for about ten hours, although this forecast always depends on the resources required by the titles being executed.

Mega 95Hyperkin

SEGA Mega Drive CD

The aforementioned SEGA Genesis, launched in 1988 and known here as Mega Drive, stood out for introducing the Yamaha YM2612 processor, which would allow it to represent more advanced graphics and enhance both the effects and soundtracks of video games. At one point in his long life, the company even provided him with the SEGA CD peripheral, which allowed him to play titles in CD ROM and marked the beginning of a new era in the industry. In this regard we cannot forget the iconic Dreamcast, another important console from the company. Launched in 1998, it was pioneering for including a modem to participate in online games, something revolutionary at the time. Despite having works as notable and applauded as ‘Sonic Adventure‘ and ‘Shenmue’, their cold reception forced the multinational to stop production just 3 years after its arrival on the market.