The largest river dolphin in history sailed the Amazon 16 million years ago

Lime – A 16-million-year-old skull found deep in the Peruvian Amazon revealed that The largest river dolphin in history was more than 3 meters long and inhabited this area that, barely explored, awaits mysteries of reptiles and giant mammals.

The fossil, which is in Natural History Museum of the National University of San Marcos in Limawas found in an exploration carried out in 2018 by a group of researchers in the Napo River, close to the Amazon border with Ecuador.

We have estimated a body size of 3 to 3.5 meters long, making it the largest river dolphin that has been documented to date.“, the paleontologist and head of the expedition, Rodolfo Salas, explained to EFE.

In addition to the mammal's skull, A Spanish citizen accidentally found a fragment of the jaw of this species at a market in the Amazonian city of Satipo, which he donated to the museum. and which shows that the aforementioned dolphin called 'pebanista yakuruna' measured 13 to 15 feet long.