The key to geothermal energy passes through the Canary Islands

Last February the resolution of geothermal projects who will receive aid from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

Of the 11 that were presented in total, 10 are located in the Canary Islands, which makes the archipelago a fundamental enclave in research and investment for the potential of geothermal energy in Spain. The last one will take place at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Was the Minister of the area and third vice president of the Government, Teresa Riberawho made these data public during an event on Geothermal Energy held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

An opportunity to reduce foreign dependence

The distribution of public aid for these projects By islands it will be the following: 6 of them will take place in La Palma and will receive aid of 48 million euros; 3 will be made in Tenerife, with an aid of 43.2 million euros; and, finally, a project in Gran Canaria that will receive 15 million euros.

Thus, the archipelago will receive 90% of the 120 million which represent the total funds of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. In addition, private investment will have to be added to these public amounts.

In the words of the minister, this is a sign of “the solidity of the commitment made to geothermal energy in the islands” and she valued the enormous opportunity it represents when it comes to create jobs and be a benchmark in innovation and research of alternatives to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

For its part, the Minister of Ecological Transition and Energy of the Canary Islands, Mariano Hernández Zapatashared that one of the challenges that the archipelago has right now is to apply as a decarbonized region in the year 2040 and ending external electricity demandwhich depends largely on fossil resources transported by ship and which, in addition, shows the almost total energy dependence that the islands have.