The health of 71% of active workers worldwide is at risk due to climate change

Geneva – 71% of the world's workers are exposed to serious health risks related to climate change, particularly excessive heat, which causes 22.8 million occupational injuries that cost 19,000 lives a year and more than two million years. of life adjusted according to the disability suffered.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) published this new data this Monday, which indicates that workers whose safety and health are threatened by climate change are now at least 5.4 points more than in 2000.

Based on the rise in global temperatures – which since 2016 have broken records year after year -, thermal stress affects 2.41 billion workers at some point during their work, out of an economically active population of 3.4 billion individuals, and is responsible for 26.2 million people suffering from kidney conditions.

In addition, heatstroke, exhaustion, cramps, cardiovascular diseases, heat syncope, among other problems, are typical.