The Government launches the mobile application “Catastro_app” to locate properties and receive notices

The General Directorate of the Cadastre of the Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat of Digital Administration of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service have launched a new mobile application, “Catastro_app”. With this initiative can be assembled and customized on each mobile devicefor personal use only, information on all your urban and rural propertiessince they can add photographs, sketches or annotations.

In order to access this app it is necessary be identified in advance through various means, such as Cl@ve PIN, permanent Cl@ve or electronic certificate. If you do not have an electronic credential, it is also possible to carry out the identification process by entering your DNI or NIE, as well as the cadastral reference of the property you own, or register in Cl@ve.

Among the services offered by the application is receive cadastral noticeswhich allows you to have knowledge at the moment about the cadastral alterations that may affect the properties of which you are the cadastral owner.

Also provides GPS location, so that it can be located on the territory or the plots thanks to its geolocation, in addition to recording additional information such as photographs, sketches, annotations, and having a tool that allows drawing the plots. The application allows you to download all this information in PDF files on your mobile device, which will be for personal use only.

The property visualization is another of the options offered by “Catastro_app”. Thus, it makes it possible to view aggregated properties from your mobile phone, being able to access their cadastral description at the time and view them on detailed interactive maps.

Likewise, you can consult the value of the land of the most characteristic crops or uses in each area. If you select “see land value” on the map and click on any point on the map, the application offers the average value modules (in euros per hectare) of the rural representative real estate products (crops and uses) of the place you has been selected and defined by the General Directorate of the Cadastre.

With this new tool, the General Directorate of the Cadastre advances in its digital development with an easy-access application and continues its path to bring cadastral products and services closer to citizens. The initiative thus enters the measure App Factory of the Digitalization Plan of Public Administrationswhich aims promote the development of quality mobile services for public services.