The Franco anthem sneaks into the presentation of the Barcelona Dragons: “It's intolerable..!”

It's not the first time that the anthem of Spain becomes the protagonist of a sporting event due to a mistake and not due to the achievement of one of our athletes. And that is what happened again in the presentation of the Barcelona Dragons.

The error, which has spread like wildfire on social networks, occurred during the presentation of the new season of the Barcelona Dragons in the European League of Football (ELFO) in the field of the Helvetic Mercenaries of Switzerland. At the presentation of the Catalan franchise team in Switzerland, the stadium's public address system played the Franco anthem, a failure that was highly criticized on social networks, since, according to several users, it is not the first time it has happened in this competition. .

The Barcelona Dragons were visitors against the Helvetic Mercenaries, in whose field the 'Franco anthem' was played at full volume. a detail that has been harshly criticized on social networks. “Imagine playing Heil Viktoria instead of the German anthem, it's completely disrespectful”, “It's a shame” or “It's happened TOO many times already. But there are never any official complaints” These are some of the heated comments on the video that has gone around the world.

However, this is not an isolated case and the blunders with the Spanish anthem are now part of sports history.


– November 28, 2003 Everything was ready for the Davis Cup in Melbourne when an embarrassing mistake impacted the Spanish delegation. In the midst of the opening ceremony, with half the world watching Melbourne, where the Davis Cup final between Australia and Spain was being held, and to the surprise and amazement of those present, the organization of the event played the Riego anthem, the official of the Republic.

“Have these gone crazy?” shouted the players who could not believe the interpretation of trumpeter James Morrison. An embarrassing mistake that provoked indignation and the subsequent official protest of the Spanish delegation headed by the Secretary of State for Sports, Juan Antonio Gómez Angulo, and the then Spanish ambassador in Canberra, José Ramón Barañano. As soon as the first bars of Riego's anthem were played, Juan Antonio Gómez Angulo and the Spanish ambassador stood up from their seats and the secretary of state addressed the players, shouting at them and making gestures from the stands. “Don't start playing, I take responsibility for the situation,” he ordered them with gestures of disapproval. “The Spanish delegation has been the object of an offense and so has the Spanish nation.”

– Although this incident is most remembered, it is not the only time in which the Spanish anthem acquired an unexpected role. In 2015, Carolina Marín achieved a masterful victory in the final of the Badminton world championship. The woman from Huelva was wrapped in the Spanish flag, received her medal and her bouquet of flowers and prepared to listen to the anthem. The Royal March began with the usual “titi-titti, titi, titi, titititi”, but suddenly, it sounded: “Long live Spain! / raise your heads, sons of the Spanish people / who are rising again. The Spaniard couldn't suppress a small smile, but kept the type, with the number one below. “The Badminton World Federation and the organizers, the Indonesian Badminton Association, sincerely regret this unfortunate mistake,” they later apologized.

The same thing happened to Alberto Contador, who when he won the 2011 Giro He heard the same lyrics at the top of the drawer. For the second time, the Pinto cyclist experienced a situation of this type. In the 2009 Tour de France it was the Danish anthem that accompanied his victory.

In 2010, the United States GP of MotoGP disputed in Laguna Seca left another priceless image: that of the Italian anthem playing instead of the Spanish one after Jorge Lorenzo's victory on the Californian track. The chords of 'Il Canto degli Italiani' only played for a few seconds but Lorenzo's face said it all.

On July 29, 2001, The Spanish water polo team beat Yugoslavia in the final of the World Cup in Japan, but at the medal ceremony the anthem could not even be heard due to a technical failure. The Spanish players themselves limited themselves to humming it.