The fascinating phenomenon of the tunnel that divides two microclimates on La Palma

Spain, known for its rich territorial diversity and varied ecosystems, keeps a natural secret that has captivated spectators and tourists alike: a tunnel that serves as a border between two totally different microclimates. This phenomenon, recently captured by a italian touristhas begun to circulate on social networks, revealing an astonishing climatic contrast in just a few hundred meters.

The tunnel in question is located in the impressive Canary Islandsspecifically in The Palmalso known as “The beautiful island“. The images, which have been widely shared on the local pressshow how by crossing this tunnel, visitors can experience a surprising weather transitionpassing from dark clouds to the radiant rays of the sun in a blink of an eye.

An interesting video that will leave you with your mouth open

The video, which has gone viral, offers a unique perspective of how, when passing through this tunnel, you can appreciate the magic of nature in action. On both sides of the same mountain, a stark contrast in conditions meteorological. Dark, foreboding skies on one end give way to radiant, cloudless luminosity on the other side.

Although it is only a few hundred meters, the light and climate transformation is undeniable, leaving those who have the opportunity to experience this phenomenon first-hand stunned. This discovery reveals the unique diversity that characterizes the Canary Islands and highlights nature's amazing ability to deliver such remarkable visual experiences in such a small space.

This tunnel, beyond being a meteorological puzzlebecomes a natural attraction that invites visitors to marvel at the amazing variety of microclimates that Spain has to offer, even over such short distances. One more example of the rich landscape that makes Spain a unique destination for those looking to explore the natural beauty of the Iberian Peninsula.