The European Space Agency seeks proposals for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

We enter the year of the Olympic Games and not only sports, political or economic news, but also technological news begins to emerge. The surprising thing is that this time they are not so linked to new materials or communication and dissemination services, but to a call made by the European Space Agency: seeks proposals for the Paris 2024 Olympics and also for the winter Olympics that will take place in Milan Cortina in 2026.

“The thematic call for proposals aims to support new spatial services for the digital transformation and sustainability of the sports sectorspecifically in the organization, management and further exploitation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” the statement explains.

One of the central ideas of the proposals must revolve around sustainability. Both Paris 2024 and Milan Cortina 2026 have committed to delivering zero-emission events, which requires investments in innovation and the space technology of ESA can provide important means in this regard. In fact, they put them at the service of the proposals. These include navigation, satellite communication and analysis, flight technologies and meteorological analysis, among others.

Proposals should cover the before, during and also the after part of both games, such as the use of critical infrastructure, the safe participation of fans and the environmental sustainability of the events.

To guide those who want to participate, ESA proposes different possibilities ranging from the creation of innovation centers, improvements in measurements, uses of virtual and augmented reality technologies, drones, sensors in athlete clothing, evaluation systems, event management, commitment to fanscrowd management (emergencies and security), green and smart cities and use of artificial intelligence.

“Given the extreme visibility and relevance of the Olympic Games – the statement adds -, the proposed applications must demonstrate solidity and reliability. A rapid and short-term implementation of the proposed application is subject to demonstrated maturity and integrity of the service.”

The call is now open to receive proposals and there is time to deliver them until the last day of December 2025 and any company based in Spain can participate.