The “digital SEPI” will channel ongoing operations such as IMEC, Broadcom and Cisco

The “SEPI digital” will channel ongoing operations such as that of the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC), which will be located in Malaga; that of Broadcom in Spain and of Cisco in Barcelonain addition to other new ones that are “in the pipelines”, but that are confidential, just as it has been transferred.

The Minister of Digital Transformation and Public Function, José Luis Escrivá, referred this Thursday in the Senate to this Public Business Entity Spanish Society for Technological Transformation (SETT) – known colloquially as “SEPI digital” –, which will be used to direct various investments, among them that of Perte Chip, which contemplates more than 12,000 million in public investment. Besides will channel the investments of the Next Tech Fund, which foresees an investment of 4,000 million destined for companies with a high component of technological innovation; and those of the Audiovisual Hub Fundendowed with 1.7 billion for the audiovisual sector.

As the minister stated, “There are already operations that are going to be the first to be channeled, that are redirected”, referring to that of the IMEC, which is going to open its second world center in Malaga, as a result of a collaboration with the Board and City Council of Malaga, and which will be signed “in the coming days.” He has also alluded to the investment of the American giant Broadcomthat is working on installing a substrate factory (one of the chip components) in Spain, without specifying where, already Cisco, which has announced a chip design center in Barcelona. In the “pipes” “new operations” are prepared, which are being worked on, which require public and private collaboration, but which the minister has not advanced because they require “confidentiality.”

Escrivá explained this Thursday to the Senate's Digital Transformation Commission, two days after the Council of Ministers authorized the urgent processing of the royal decree that will regulate the conditions for the transformation of the company SEMyS (already existing and managed by the Perte Chip) in the Public Business Entity Spanish Society for Technological Transformation and by which its statute will be approved. It is pursued, as he has said, group what was created in the last legislature into a single administration and have specialized teamsnot only in doing technology audits, but in the financial structuring of operations.