The definitive trick to avoid spam: email addresses that self-destruct after use

Today, the spam It is an omnipresent and constant annoyance. Most likely, every day you access your mailmuch of what you find in your inbox you would prefer not to be there: unsolicited messages, unwanted promotions and also potential security threats. It is the consequence of moving through the Internet and leaving the email on each site that asks for it over the yearsmany times to use a website or service on a single occasion.

To alleviate this situation, you can use tricks such as counting with one or more secondary emails to register in certain, such as an online store where you are going to buy only once, but there is a more effective alternative which is disposable email addresses. These, also known as temporary or single-use emails, are email addresses that are created to be used for a short period of time after which they self-destruct.

Services like 10 Minute Mail They allow you to register on any site or web service without having to use your primary email. 10 Minute Mail generates a random email address when accessing your website that is operational, along with your inbox, for a period of 10 minutes. You can use it to register on a website, receive the email address verification email and then forget about it knowing that you will not receive unwanted communications from that site.

It is not necessary to enter personal data to use the service, which favors user privacy. Additionally, disposable email addresses make it difficult to track and create user profiles. By constantly changing addresses, it becomes more difficult for advertisers and marketing companies to track user activities and send advertising emails based on their behaviors and preferences.

For things that are more important or that you use frequently, you should use a traditional email address, but disposable ones provide you with an effective way to avoid adding spam emails from many sites and companies and help protect your privacy online.