The bracelets worn by the public at Taylor Swift concerts are hacked

Taylor Swift He is already in Madrid and is offering tonight the first of the two concerts he will give at the Santiago Bernabéu. One of the peculiarities of the show is LED bracelets which are given to attendees upon arrival at the venue and which form part of the visual spectacle that is going to take place.

During the concert, these bracelets are controlled by an operator, through wireless signals, and are used to create certain light patterns that emerge from the audience at different times. However, its usefulness does not have to be limited to the Taylor Swift concert. Now they have discovered how to hack them so you can continue using them once the recital is over. And they have done it with a Flipper Zero.

A Flipper Zero is a device that gained some popularity last year after countries like Canada and Brazil banned it. Known as the Hackers Tamagotchidue to its appearance similar to that of the classic 90s gadget, can be purchased for 165 euros and allows intercept wireless communication networks and interact with them. Its capabilities have allowed it to be used to open vehicles, garage doors, home entrances, unlock phones or replace remote controls in the home, among many other use cases. Basically, it serves to hack devices that use various types of wireless signalsas is the case with The Eras Tour bracelets.

Canada bans dangerous (and very popular) device that hacks cards and steals carsThe reason

Each of these bracelets x2 It is manufactured by the company PixMob, which has already supplied them for Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour and other tours by artists such as Coldplay and Lady Gaga. 'It's funny because people often think that there is GPS in every device, or that there is a lot of advanced artificial intelligence technology. But really we're like old school technology', has explained Vincent Leclercco-founder and CEO of PixMob in an interview with WSJ.

One X2 contains 2 RGB LED lights, two batteries and a small circuit board which includes a microcontroller, EEPROM storage and an infrared diode, like the one on a television remote, which is what receives the signal. When thousands of these bracelets are controlled, The operator can display different moving patterns and shapes as if the audience were a digital canvas.

Disassembled Eras Tour bracelet X2.
Disassembled Eras Tour bracelet X2.John Graham-Cumming.

As the software engineer explains John Graham-Cumming In his blog, the Flipper Zero has the capacity to intercept infrared signals and this has allowed the creation of a reverse engineering project on Github that, after analyzing the infrared protocol, allows you to control The Eras Tour bracelets with a Flipper Zero and not limit its usefulness to the Taylor Swift concert.