the areas of Spain that will exceed 30 degrees this weekend

The showers and storms are marking the start of the week In addition, temperatures are cooler than usual. This Wednesday Unstable weather will persist in several areas of the country, prior to a significant thermal shift that, at the end of the week, will lead to a hot environment with maximums above 30 degrees in many regions.

The rainfall of recent days, which has affected the northern half of the peninsula, will be limited this Wednesday to the northern end of the peninsula, while in the south there will be a sunny atmosphere. The prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that they are expected showers accompanied by storm in the early hours in the east of Catalonia and the north of the Balearic Islandss, with the possibility of being locally strong, especially on Catalan coasts. The northern end of the peninsula will have weak and scattered clouds and rain at first, which will tend to intensify and become generalized in the afternoon, accompanied by storms in the Pyrenees, including locally strong ones in the north of Catalonia.

There will be low morning and afternoon cloudiness in large areas of the rest of the northern half, without ruling out some isolated showers, more likely in eastern Iberia. The sky will be almost clear in the southern half and the rest of the Balearic Islands, with medium and high clouds in the afternoon. In the Canary Islands, cloudy in the north with isolated weak rainfall in the mountainous areas, without ruling out the occasional shower in the afternoon in the interior of the mountainous areas.

Maximum temperatures will tend to decrease in the northern third and the Balearic Islands, with increases predominating in the rest. It will be warmer in Murcia and Seville (30 degrees), Córdoba (29) and Málaga (28), and colder in León and Lugo (16), A Coruña and Burgos (17), and Ávila, Oviedo, San Sebastián, Santander , Segovia, Soria and Vitoria (18), according to the AEMET prediction, collected by Servimedia. The minimums will decrease in the northwest of the peninsula and will increase in the upper Ebro, without major changes in the rest.

Already the Thursday Stable weather will dominate most of the peninsula, with slightly cloudy skies, except for some rain in the north of Galicia, in the Cantabrian Sea, in the Pyrenees and in the northeast of Catalonia, where they could be heavy in northeastern areas. Regarding temperatures, they will drop in the Mediterranean communities, but sThey will be in the center of the peninsula where temperatures will exceed 25 degrees and in large areas of the south they will even reach or exceed 30 degrees, as in the Guadalquivir Valley.

He Friday The thermal rise will be extended to a good part of the territory and now there will be more than 25 degrees in the central hours of the day in the center of the peninsula, also in the south and in the Balearic Islands, while in the Guadiana Valley on Friday it will be around 30 degrees and in parts of the southeast and the Guadalquivir it will be around 30-32 degrees. Starting this weekend, high pressures will take hold in most of the country with temperatures that will continue to rise clearly, promoting a hot environment that could continue the first days of the following week.

Heat up to 35 degrees

For its part, indicates that Sunday will be the hottest day of the week when 30ºC will be reached in large areas of the peninsula. “They will be somewhat shorter in Galicia, the Cantabrian regions, Navarra and northern Castilla y León. On the Catalan and Valencian coasts, in addition to the islands, they will be around 25ºC,” indicates the meteorological information portal.

Thus, the highest maximums are expected in the Guadalquivir, Tajo and Guadiana valleys, where they could be around 33ºC or even 35ºC. In the Ebro valley they can reach 33ºC. Specifically, advances that “Cities like Córdoba or Seville could reach 35ºC, Badajoz or Ciudad Real could reach 33ºC and Zaragoza 32ºC.”