The AEMET warns that this Sunday's storms are just the prelude to what awaits us this week

This Sunday, May 12a meteorologically active day is expected in several regions of the Peninsula. From the northeast peninsular to the eastern Cantabrian, dawn will arrive with clouds and precipitation that will move towards the northeast. As the day progresses, mountainous areas and northern and eastern areas of the southern plateau will experience the formation of evolving clouds, characterized by their rapid change in response to atmospheric conditions.

The regions of the Cantabrian, Iberian and Pyrenees They could see showers and storms. Although weaker and occasionally, these conditions can also occur in areas of the Central system, Béticas, upper Ebro and east of the Meseta. As the day comes to an end, a atlantic front It will approach Galicia, increasing cloudiness and potentially producing light precipitation.

The Aemet warns of the arrival of storms

In contrast, other areas of the eastern third and the Balearic Islands They will start the day with medium and high clouds that will tend to clear as the day progresses. In the north of the Canary Islandscloudy intervals are expected, while in the rest of the country, slightly cloudy skies or high clouds will predominate.

A decrease in maximum temperatures is expected in the northern half of the country, particularly in the eastern Cantabrian Sea. The rest of the areas will experience slight changes. Minimum temperatures will increase slightly in the southeastern half of the country and decrease in the northwest half and in the Canary Islands. The valleys of the southern Atlantic slope could record temperatures above 30 degrees.

But, be careful, the drop in temperatures and the storms this Sunday are just the prelude to what awaits us next week in the meteorological panorama, in which a decrease in the high pressures that we have been feeling is expected and the definitive end of the heat wave that has affected the country in recent days:

What can we expect next week?

He Monday It will mark the arrival of a front associated with a storm that will remain over the United Kingdom throughout the week, promising rains that could be intense in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León. These precipitations will intensify towards the end of the day in the Basque Country, Navarra and the Pyrenees. This front, which will reach Aragon and Catalonia on Tuesday, is expected to bring more rain. As the front advances, maximum temperatures in the northwest of the Peninsula will decrease, while in the south and east, the heat will remain.

Following the front, a cold air mass is forecast to cause a significant drop in temperatures on Tuesday. He Wednesday, temperatures are expected to decrease even further, reaching less than 20ºC in some areas of the northwest of the Peninsula. In regions such as Aragon and Catalonia, temperatures could be a little higher. It is likely that with the rains and the cold coming from the storm, we will see again snow in Spain.