The AEMET warns that the heat is intensifying and will exceed 30 degrees in these capitals

The week starts with more stable time in practically the entire country, although this Monday and Tuesday they are still expected heavy showers in parts of the northeast of Catalonia. The highlight of the next few days will be increase in temperatures which will be especially noticeable starting on Wednesday. It is expected that in the middle of the week many areas will register values ​​between 5 and 10 degrees above the average. Looking ahead to the weekend, you could even exceed 30 degrees in half of Spain.

“We have a week ahead of us with generally stable weather. Although this Monday and still on Tuesday there will be showers, especially in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands“As of Wednesday, the rains will be scarce and will be limited to isolated mountain points in the north of the peninsula,” explains Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). Del Campo indicates that “Temperatures will experience a clear rise over the next few days, so that starting Wednesday, 30 degrees will be reached or exceeded in points in the south of the peninsula and in the Canary Islands.” “This figure could be reached during the following days in other areas of the center and east of the peninsula,” he adds.

This Monday there are still traces of atmospheric instability from past days. Starting at noon, evolution clouds will develop, which will give rise to stormy showers in mountain areas. These Showers may be strong and accompanied by hail in the south of Aragon and the north of the Valencian Community and Catalonia. In the Canary Islands, there will be cloudy intervals in the north of the islands and little cloudiness in the south.

Maximum temperatures will decrease in the eastern half of the peninsula, which may be “noticeable” in northern areas, with few changes in the rest. As for the minimums, they will decrease in the northern half of the peninsula and will increase in areas of the southern half. There will be weak frosts in the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian mountain range. The maximum will be recorded in Valencia, where temperatures are expected to reach 30 degrees, and the minimum, in León, with two. The winds will blow weak or moderate from the west and northwest on the Peninsula, except in the northeast and the Balearic Islands, where they will be variable. In the Canary Islands, moderate northeast trade wind, with some strong intervals.

Starting Tuesday, anticyclonic weather will be imposed. In the eastern Cantabrian there will be rain, but it will decrease, while the showers will increase in the afternoon in the Pyrenees and northern Catalonia, without ruling out that they will be strong. It is also likely that some showers will fall in the afternoon in the Iberian System and the Balearic Islands. The intense wind will blow in the northwest of the peninsula and the Balearic archipelago. The weather will be more stable in the rest of the peninsula, with slightly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be somewhat lower at dawn, but during the day they will rise in practically the entire country, except on the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands. In Córdoba and Seville it will reach 30 degrees.

He Wednesday the sun will dominate almost the entire territory and the risk of showers will disappear. Temperatures will rise up to six degrees compared to Tuesday in points in the west and north of the peninsula. Thermometers will register more than 25 degrees in much of the center and south of the peninsula, the Ebro depression and southern Galicia, and more than 30 in the Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys. In Córdoba and Huelva they will reach 31 degrees and in Badajoz 30.

He Thursday It will be a day of stable weather, with practically clear skies and temperatures rising again, especially in the northern third. It will exceed 30 degrees in the Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys, and it will be around 28 to 30 degrees in central areas, the rest of the southern half, and places in the north and center such as Ourense, Pontevedra, Teruel and Zaragoza.

He Friday Temperatures will continue to rise, especially at night. During the day, temperatures will generally exceed 25 degrees and 30 degrees in the Ebro depression, the interior of the Mediterranean communities, central areas and much of the southern half. In the Guadalquivir and Guadiana the temperatures will exceed 32 degrees. The AEMET prediction, collected by Servimedia, indicates that that day they are expected 15 capitals with 30 degrees or more (34 in Seville, 33 in Córdoba, 32 in Badajoz; 31 in Ciudad Real, Huelva, Lleida, Teruel, Toledo and Zaragoza, and 30 in Albacete, Cáceres, Granada, Jaén, Logroño and Madrid) .

As for the weekend, stable weather will most likely predominate. In the afternoon, some isolated showers could fall in mountainous areas of the north. On Saturday temperatures will drop in the northern third, especially in the Cantabrian Sea, while in the rest of the country they will barely change. That day the thermometers will show at least 30 degrees in 13 capitals (34 in Córdoba and Seville; 32 in Ciudad Real, Toledo and Zaragoza; 31 in Badajoz, Granada and Jaén, and 30 in Guadalajara, Lleida, Madrid, Murcia and Teruel). On Sunday there will be 11 capitals that will reach 30 degrees (34 in Córdoba and Seville; 31 in Albacete, Ciudad Real, Granada and Jaén, and 30 in Badajoz, Huelva, Lleida, Teruel and Toledo).