The AEMET warns of rain and storms for this weekend in these beach areas

He first weekend of Easter comes with some atmospheric instability which will favor precipitation in some areas of the peninsula. Temperatures will be mild, especially in the southern capitals, where they will exceed 25 degrees and occasionally could approach 30.

Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the AEMET, has detailed that rains are expected in points of the northern peninsula, eastern Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Region of Murcia and Valencian Communityin addition to showers in other areas of the center and northern half.

Rain and showers will be more abundant on Friday and Saturday. Over the weekend, as well as on Monday, the highest chance of precipitation will be in the extreme north of the peninsula, although “showers cannot be ruled out in other parts of the interior and on Monday it could also rain in the southeast of the Peninsula,” adds the spokesperson.

He Tuesday and Wednesday of next week The rain will continue, with a greater probability of precipitation in Galicia, Cantabrian Communities and west and center of the peninsula. With respect to temperatures, Del Campo has stressed that “they will clearly go down” on Tuesday to recover on Wednesdayand has predicted the formation of some frosts on the northern plateau and mountain areas.

From Holy Thursdaythe highest probability of precipitation is in the northwest of the peninsula and the lowest in the Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands, although the rains could extend to other areas of the west and center of the peninsula,

DANA says goodbye to the peninsula

For now, this Thursday Spain will continue under the influence of a DANAalthough this will tend to retreat to the southwest, leaving precipitation in the southern half of the peninsula.

Cloudy skies will predominate with medium and high clouds, more abundant in the southern half of the peninsula and less in the north. There will be rain and showers accompanied by storms in western Andalusia and also probable in Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha., with the possibility of being locally strong in the area around the Strait. The AEMET does not rule out scattered rains in other parts of the territory during the first hours of the day.

In addition, Meteorology has activated the warnings for wind gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour (km/h) and strong waves in Andalusia, the Region of Murcia, the Valencian Community, the Canary Islands and Melilla.

In the Canary Islands, in Gran Canaria, La Gomera, El Hierro and Tenerife, wind gusts of up to 70 km/h will be recorded from 00:00 to 08:00 and in La Gomera, also from 20:00 to 23:00, as well as coastal phenomena in the same time slots in Gran Canaria, La Gomera and Tenerife.

They will also have yellow warnings for coastal phenomena in Melilla (where there will be waves starting at 3:00 p.m.), the northern coast of Alicante in the Valencian Community (where waves will be recorded throughout the day) and the countryside of Cartagena and Mazarrón in the Region of Murcia (where there will be waves from 4:00 p.m.).

In Andalusia, Almería will have a warning for wind and strong waves (important) from 10:00 to 14:00, phenomena that will intensify from 15:00 and during the rest of the day; Cádiz will have a yellow warning for winds from 8:00 p.m. and Granada will have wind warnings from 12:00 onwards, which will intensify from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Maximum temperatures will drop in areas of the southeast of the peninsula, the Iberian System and the Canary Islandswhile they will increase in the rest of Spain, notably in western Galicia and around Jaén. “It will be a warm day for the season, with maximum temperatures above 20 degrees in most of the territory and up to 28 degrees in cities in the interior of Andalusia,” according to Del Campo.

So, The maximum values ​​will be 28ºC in Granada, 27ºC in Córdoba, Jaén and Lleida and 26ºC in Almería, Ciudad Real, Ourense and Pontevedra.. Likewise, the minimums will rise in the northwest of Galicia, the Northern Plateau and the Pyrenees, descending in the interior of the southeast of the peninsula and generally remaining without major changes in the rest.

In the archipelagos, the Balearic Islands will have intervals of high clouds, while the Canary Islands will register cloudy intervals. The northern areas of the islands will register weak rainfall, which will have a tendency to increase in intensity and which may spread to the rest of the archipelago due to the approach of DANA. The prediction includes haze in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, although less intense than in previous days.