The AEMET advances the date on which temperatures will skyrocket

The month of May has begun with stormy showers, hailstorms and even snowfall, but the meteorological situation will take a radical turn shortly. The first weekend of May will continue with unstable weather in the northern third and the passage of fronts associated with atlantic stormswill lead to rain and showers, most abundant in Galicia, which on Monday may also extend to Aragon, Catalonia and other northeastern regions. Temperatures will rise to typical values ​​for May, even higher in the south and east of the country, according to Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). In fact, in some areas of the interior of the Valencian community, the region of Murcia and southern Andalusia, temperatures may exceed 30 to 32 degrees.

This Friday the night temperatures have already been less cold than in previous days, with less intense and extensive frosts despite the fact that in capitals like Teruel it has dropped to a minimum of -1 degree. The maximum temperatures are expected to increase throughout the country except in parts of the Mediterranean, where they will remain similar to previous days due to the effect of the breezes. In inland areas, the temperature rise could be up to 6º compared to yesterday; 18 to 20º will be exceeded in much of the interior, and in cities like Zaragoza and Valencia it will be possible to exceed 26 degrees.. It will be a rainy day in western Galicia, where more than 40 or 60 liters per square meter may accumulate in 12 hours. In addition, the wind will blow with very strong gusts in Galician coastal areas.

He Saturday It will rain in the northwest of the peninsula, especially in western Galicia. The rainfall will spread more weakly to the Cantabrian communities and other points in the northern third. Cloudy intervals are expected in the rest of the country. Temperatures will continue to rise in much of the territory and the rise will be more than five degrees compared to Friday in large areas of the interior. In the early afternoon it will generally exceed 20º. In areas of the east and south of the peninsula and even in the eastern Cantabrian Sea, more than 25 degrees will be recorded. Furthermore, in points in the interior of the Mediterranean communities it will be around 30 degrees again; In Valencia capital it could reach 31 degrees.

As for Sunday, the AEMET prediction points to the arrival of new fronts that will continue to leave abundant rains in Galicia. Showers, occasionally stormy, are also expected in large areas of Castilla y León, northern Extremadura, Cantabrian communities, Alto Ebro and the western Pyrenees, without ruling out some isolated downpour in points of the central area and the southern half. That day colder air will enter and temperatures will drop slightly in the west and center of the peninsula, although in the north and east they will continue to rise. 30 degrees will be reached in points of the Ebro valley, such as in Zaragoza, and also in the interior of the Mediterranean regions. One more day, Murcia will reach 32º.

With the start of the week on Monday, the rains will subside in Galicia with the shift of atmospheric instability towards the northeast. It will rain in the Cantabrian communities and, above all, in the afternoon in Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla y León, Aragón, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencian Community and Catalonia, where they could be strong. That day temperatures will drop sharply in the northeast of the peninsula as a result of cloudier skies, showers and the arrival of colder air. The temperature drop could be milder in the rest of the eastern peninsula, while in coastal areas temperatures would rise as there is no breeze. It will be a day of “important thermal contrasts”; while cities like Bilbao, Logroño, Pamplona or Oviedo will only be around 14 or 16º maximum temperatures, others like Valencia or Murcia will be around 29 or 30 degrees.says Del Campo.

Looking ahead to the following days, the prediction indicates that anticyclonic weather will clearly prevail. On Wednesday, 25 degrees will be exceeded in the southern half, the interior of Galicia, areas of Castilla y León, and the Ebro valley, and 30 degrees may be exceeded in the Guadalquivir valley.. Starting on Thursday, temperatures will exceed 30 degrees in the south of the peninsula and also probably in parts of the northeast. “We are talking, then, about a second half of the week that, if the forecasts are true, will be warm for the time of year, with values ​​between 5 and 10 degrees above normal in large areas“Del Campo said.