Taylor Swift, Joe Biden’s ace to beat Donald Trump in the elections?

Taylor Swift is the biggest pop star in the world. In 2023, the interpreter of Blank Space sold more than four million tickets to concerts his tour “The Eras Tour”, the project that also hit movie theaters and made her a billionaire, according to “Forbes.” The Grammy winner is one of the most influential artists on the planet, according to “Time” magazine and it has not gone unnoticed by the White House.

Highly popular among young people, the electoral campaign of Joe Biden seeks to join the “swiftie” phenomenon (as Swift’s followers are known) to mobilize that part of the population that today is disenchanted with politics. This is according to sources from the newspaper “The New York Times”, which explains how the Democrat’s advisors have approached several celebrities and social media stars to promote their policies and appear on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, where most of them are concentrated. these users. In fact, recently there was a first public approach with “influencers” in California in the middle of a fundraising rally.

The dream goal for the Biden-Harris campaign, says the American newspaper, would be to get the support of Swift, 34, who, in addition to being a pop sensation, the media has lately turned her into an NFL enthusiast for her relationship with the player Travis Kelce, what they believe may be an even larger and traditionally less liberal niche audience than the public accustomed to listening to their music. A sort of two-for-one package that would increase that influence.

The idea has gone so far that the media reports how the possibility of reaching the 279 million Swift followers on Instagram has caused Biden’s team to urge those who want to work on the campaign to describe a strategy that involves the figure of Taylor Swift. There is a whole suggestion box full and an idea that sounds very strong is to take the president himself to one of the concerts that the artist will have this summer.

For the political consultant Ana Iparraguirre These types of strategies are not new and have always been done, particularly in Barack Obama’s first election, when demographically varied celebrities came together. However, “Taylor’s power over the youngest is something almost never seen before,” he says. And he explains that the White House must, if it decides to take the president to one of those concerts, “execute the idea well so that it is not forced.” “We could talk, for example, about Biden attending with her granddaughters instead of alone,” she explains.

Swift’s power is nothing to be underestimated. Already in 2020 the artist had chosen Biden as their candidate against the rage of Donald Trump, who at the time claimed that the decision of the composer of “Love Story” made “I like her music 10% less now,” he said. Another example of her political power was evident last year, when with a publication on Instagram inviting people to register for these elections she achieved – according to the “NYT” – 35,000 new registrations. Even the Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, directly asked Taylor to get involved in the campaign. “She is unique; “What she has achieved by getting young people interested (in the election) is profoundly powerful,” she said.

It is not clear if Swift will give explicit support to any of the candidates this time. Her “starpower” is undoubtedly much greater now than she was, for example, in 2018, when she first spoke out on politics by endorsing the Democratic congressional candidate for Tennessee. At that time, the author of “Shake it off” She echoed the lyrics of that song and “shaken” the recommendation of her team, who did not want her intoxicated in political discussions. Taylor said she couldn’t stay silent watching a state she felt so close “vote for someone who didn’t represent the true values ​​of Tennessee.”

In the last three years of his mandate, according to polls, Biden has lost part of the strength that led them to defeat Trump in the 2020 elections. Then, he won with 81 million votes against the Republican, who obtained 74 million. But now the polls indicate that the scenario may be more closed. In recent days, conservative media and Trumpist politicians have started a smear campaign against Swift, whom they see as an indirect threat. They have invented that Swift has played a role in the Pentagon’s psychological operations to brainwash voters, and that she and her boyfriend, a two-time champion of the superbowlare key assets in a secret plot to help Biden, or that the success of the Chiefs (Kelce’s team) was rigged as part of the plan for the February 11 game in Las Vegas.