Talk to him: AI is coming to smartwatches

Although smart watches have more and more functions and have an information processing capacity that surpasses that of mobile phones from a decade ago, the AI ​​present in other devices was somewhat elusive for this type of wearables: their small size made very complex to provide them with a specific microchip for this type of technology. The answer? Create a completely new operating system.

That's what Zepp Health (the maker of Amazfit smartwatches) has done with its new operating system. Designed to understand natural language, Zepp Flow eliminates the need for predefined commands or keywordsallowing users to intuitively give commands, whether starting a workout or managing daily tasks.

The first advantage of Zepp Flow is that it quickly and accurately recognizes the user's speech, even when there are other sounds and voices around, and provides a response based on the commands we give it. For example, we can tell you to schedule a meeting on a certain day and at a certain time. Save it to the calendar and include contacts.

It is also possible to respond to notifications with scheduled messages, but without having to type or press a button, simply talking to the watch. Manage alarms, check the weather, ask you for information about our race pace, projections and location and also tell him that you are going to rest and cancel the notifications.

As more applications work with this OS, the more interactions we can do with a smart watch: request certain songs or lists, share our location (and stop sharing it) and, taking into account that it is installed on Amazfit watches, intended for sports , it will be interesting to see if it allows us to alert ourselves to rhythms to improve our times, signal us how much should we increase the speed to overtake the next competitor and other variables that can turn it into a coach/informant on our wrist.