strong and intense storms with hail in these areas

He most critical period of the rain and storm episode associated with a DANA, very active and anomalous for the end of June, it will begin in the next few hours. Until Friday it could leave very important accumulations in many autonomous communities. Where and when is it going to rain more?

Eight communities in the northern half of the peninsula –Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Galicia, Navarra, Basque Country and La Rioja– They are on yellow alert this Wednesday for storms, with the probability of hail, and for rains that They will accumulate up to 15 liters in an hourreports the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Specifically, Aragon It has a yellow level due to storms in the province of Zaragoza – areas of Ibérica and Cinco Villas – which will be accompanied by hail and very strong gusts of wind. Asturias and Cantabria They remain yellow due to rain, storms and hail in areas of southwestern Asturias, Picos de Europa and in Liébana and Cantabria de Ebro, respectively, with accumulations of 15 liters in one hour.

In Castile and Leónthe provinces of Burgos, Soria, León and Palencia are in yellow due to rainfall, with possible hail, which will leave about 15 liters in one hour.

The Rioja is on alert for rainfall and storms in Iberian Rioja, while in the Foral Community of Navarra, the most important accumulations will be recorded on the banks of the Ebro in Navarra, with values ​​of up to 15 liters in one hour. In Galiciathe provinces of Lugo and Ourense, and throughout the Basque Country, a warning has also been issued for strong storms and rain that will accumulate 15 litres in one hour.

Regarding temperatures, the state agency warns that the maximum temperatures will decrease in a large part of the southwest of the peninsula and will rise on the southeastern coasts, in the northeastern third and in the Balearic Islands. They can reach 35 degrees in areas of the center, south and Ebro valley. Likewise, the minimums will drop in the southwest quadrant and rise in the northeast half, while slight decreases are likely in the Canary Islands. The provincial capitals that will register the highest values ​​will be Toledo, Valladolid and Zaragoza with 36ºC; Granada, Lleida, Logrono, Palencia and Zamora with 35ºC; and Guadalajara, Huesca, Madrid, Pamplona and Salamanca with 34ºC.

He Thursday, DANA will descend in latitude until it is located around the Gulf of Cádiz, causing a notable increase in instability in the southwest quadrant of the peninsula. They wait heavy showers with storms and hail, especially in the central strip of Andalusia. These conditions will extend to the northwest quadrant during the second half of the day, being less likely in the eastern third.

He Fridaywith a certain degree of uncertainty, The DANA would advance towards the northeast, placing itself over the Peninsula. The locally strong showers with storms and hail will extend to large areas of the interior of the peninsula, with greater intensity in the central zone, the southern plateau, the Iberian system and the south of the Northern plateau. These phenomena will be less likely in the southeast and in the extreme northeast and northwest of the peninsula.

Between Thursday and the Friday, temperatures will drop noticeably throughout the Peninsula, except in the extreme southeast. In the rest, on Friday it would not reach 30ºC and the atmosphere would be cold for the season, with temperatures between 5 and 10ºC lower than normal for the season in much of the interior of the peninsula.

From Saturday, uncertainty increases, but today the most likely scenario is that DANA will continue to affect the northeast quadrant, with locally strong showers and storms, without ruling them out in other areas of the northern half of the peninsula. In the southern half, the situation would tend to stabilize.

Finally, the AEMET warns that late on Saturday, a A new Atlantic trough could penetrate the northwest of the peninsula, maintaining instability in areas of the northern half during Sunday.