“Spain is a country where technological talent is high and competitive”

You have just been appointed co-CEO of Multimarkts, how do you face this new stage?

I came to Multimarkts eager to promote a Spanish technology company that is betting heavily on innovation and new formats of engagement with consumers. It is a challenge that I face with enthusiasm and to which I want to contribute all my energy, skills and experience to achieve the ambitious objectives that we have set for ourselves.

Your career is closely linked to the environment of technological start-ups. What do you think you can contribute to Multimarkts in this new journey?

Multimarkts is a technological product company, like most companies that have been conquering the economy for years. The key success factors of these companies are different from those of traditional companies. In this type of company, the culture of growth, product-based growth, agility, tolerance to change or organization by objectives and key results, among others, are aspects that make the difference. In recent years I have dedicated myself to managing companies with this profile and, in this way, I believe that this experience can help Multimarkts to position itself globally and grow exponentially.

Multimarkts uses its own technology based on AI, how do you see the future of artificial intelligence? Do you think it is something that is here to stay?

Artificial intelligence is the future. For years it has been promoting the most successful models of digital advertising, eCommerce or entertainment, to name a few. With the emergence of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has gained great visibility, in people and companies, and is leading everyone to try it in one way or another. At Multimarkts, for example, we are developing various artificial intelligence models and our own orchestration to achieve hyper-personalization of the experience, we are developing our own visual and audiovisual content using artificial intelligence at scale and we are using a large number of internal tools to optimize tasks operational.

There is a boom in marketplaces and you are exploiting a concept that you call visual marketplaces. What advantages or differences do they offer compared to the rest of the marketplaces?

Video, image and content personalization have been winning the battle for attention on the Internet for years, however, the monetization of this phenomenon is being captured by a limited number of companies such as Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok. Multimarkts is developing an experience similar to that of these platforms, presenting a world of contextualized visual content, with easily consumable information of interest to the user. Unlike existing platforms, Multimarkts is offered as a tool so that content creators, for example online media, can offer this experience to their readers, as an extension of their own experience, capturing the value themselves.

What ingredients should a technology company have to be attractive to investors?

It depends a lot on the type of investor, but if we talk about venture capital investors, they look for transformational ideas that solve a relevant and burning problem, with large potential markets, that have a coherent plan and a management team with the capacity to execute it.

Does Spain offer a competitive environment in the field of new technologies compared to other European countries?

The world has fewer borders every day for the development of businesses, especially digital ones. Good ideas prevail, regardless of where they are born, capital moves ubiquitously and talent works remotely. Spain is a country where technological talent is high and competitive, we have good engineers and our cost is lower than places like California. In terms of talent, I consider Spain a sweet spot, as the Americans say.