Spain consolidates itself as a world leader in wind energy patents

According to the latest report from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office on Technologies for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change (TMACC), carried out jointly by the Technological Information Unit and the Statistics service of the Management Support Unit belonging to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office OA (OEPM), More than 10% of global wind patents are of Spanish origin. This study highlights the preponderance of renewable energies in the field of patentsfar surpassing other technologies considered low carbon.

The study classifies Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies into three large groups: Low Carbon Energy, Facilitating and Transversal Energy Systems, and Energy Efficiency and Substitution in End Use. This breakdown allows for a more detailed understanding of the temporal and geographic evolution of these technologies.

The evolution of mitigation and adaptation technologies

Regarding low carbon energy production technologies, renewables clearly leadwith the wind occupying a prominent place followed by solar thermal. Despite continued investment in nuclear energy, this technology shows minimal participation in inventions in this field, underscoring the dominance of renewables in the patent market. Besides, the photovoltaic has experienced strong growth in recent years and already occupies the first position in number of inventions.

This report draws several conclusions in addition to Spain's role in Low Carbon Energy Production, End-Use Technologies and Adaptation to Climate Change, such as that this distribution differs from the global panorama where, according to the study, End-Use Technologies are predominant.

Spanish innovation in renewable energies

Despite the positive data, the report indicates that Spanish industrial property faces challenges in emerging technologies and in maintaining its competitive position against other technological giants. However, the strong presence in renewable energy and the potential for future growth offer an optimistic outlook for innovation in Spain in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Regarding patent and utility model applicants, they highlight the CSIC, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and BSH Electrical Appliances Spain SA. In European patents of Spanish origin, Siemens Gamesa occupies first place, followed by General Electric Renovables Spain and Airbus Operations.

On the other hand, there is a increasing trend in the presence of women among the inventors at TMACC.