Soon you will be able to share your WhatsApp without giving your phone number

Even on complicated dates like these, where celebrations eat up the news, WhatsApp continues to launch new update proposals for users. And one of them is among the most anticipated of the year: the possibility of search for users by name and not by phone number.

Thanks to this feature, users will be able to experiment with a more efficient system to connect with friends, family and contacts on the platform, improving the communication process. The first step of this is to allow users to create their own name to be identified. Obviously, who does not want to enter their full name and only fills in the box with an alias, You will have greater privacy in exchange for only being identified by those who already have your number.

As you can see in a screenshot, it will be possible to search for users by entering the name in the search bar, in a future update. This username-based search feature will improve user experience by eliminate the need for phone numbersproviding a convenient and privacy-conscious method for users to discover and connect with others within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

Screenshot with the new WhatsApp optionWabetaInfoWabetaInfo

The idea is that, together with this update, WhatsApp will add a new layer of privacy. This feature provides a layer of anonymity: users will be able to communicate without revealing their personal phone numbers. This is particularly beneficial for those who prioritize privacy and want to control their contact information. Additionally, usernames for communication will simplify the connection process on WhatsApp.

It is worth noting that users will have the flexibility to change your username at any time. What we still don’t know is if the contact will remain valid, if we change our username or if the data will be deleted somehow. It is also not known if there will be the possibility of creating groups with only usernames (something very useful for businesses, for example). All this data and more will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, we take the opportunity to identify an update that would be very good to have: the possibility of directly view chats with unread messages, something that exists in email formats, but not in WhatsApp. For those who receive dozens of messages from different sources daily, locating these chats can save a lot of time. We will surely see it soon.