Solar energy is the technology with the best expectations among consumers

In these moments when there is so much talk about post-truth and in which hoaxes and fake news run rampant in the perfect powder keg that are social networks and the overabundance of information, Science seems the only redoubt for rationality and objectivity.

That has been the main objective of latest public opinion study carried out by the BBVA Foundation and that has determined that citizens consider solar energy as the technology with the most favorable expectations, even above the Internet.

On the contrary, other forms of energy supply such as nuclear resources continue to generate a lot division of opinion.

In addition, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, Big Data or human colonization in space outside the Earth also seem to produce more reservations than optimism among the population.

An engine of progress

To reach this conclusion, the research has taken the pulse of the societies of 18 countries (15 European countries including Spain, plus Türkiye, the United States and Israel).

In all of them, an interest in science has been shown and the idea that it is ethics -and not religion- that must nourish it and the scientific community that regulates and set limits to your field of action.

Furthermore, scientific work is considered an element shaper of national identity, at the level of other disciplines such as art or literature. The majority of people surveyed show that they have interest in sciencewith 40% including it in their daily conversations quite or very frequently.

Lastly, it is noteworthy the trust in science to potentially solve major challenges that we face as a society today, such as climate change, inequality or wars, as well as food shortages and the loss of biodiversity.