Shouts of “Begoña to prison, Sánchez resign” despite the police cordon in the courts

Plaza de Castilla is “taken over” by the Police. Curious onlookers, pedestrians and journalists have suffered first-hand police deployment that the Interior has planned in light of the declaration as an investigated person of lPedro Sanchez’s wife, Begoña Gómezwho arrived by elevator and was accompanied by four people. Dressed in a black pantsuit, she left the elevator and headed to the court of Judge Juan Carlos Peinado.about five metres away. Once in the room, they read him his rights and confirmed that they would not only record the sound but also the images.

Already before the judge, lThe wife of the head of the Executive has stated that she “has no knowledge of the cause”for which reason the magistrate has expelled the lawyers from the courtroom, one for accusation, and has explained the case to him. Finally, the wife of the President of the Government He has claimed “defenselessness” for not being aware of the charges and Peinado has decided suspend the statement and summon Begoña Gómez again on July 19. On the other hand, HazteOír’s complaint had not been notified either.

In an unprecedented operation at the Plaza de Castilla courts, the Press has been the first to be moved to a fenced area in the middle of Paseo de la Castellana, when normally they are allowed to work on the sidewalk in front of the courts, where they usually wait to obtain statements.

Although the wife of the President of the Government He entered through the garage, for “security reasons”there were many citizens who complained about not being able to even access the bus because the entire area was cordoned off. And according to eyewitnesses, there were people in the area More than twenty vans from the Riot Police Unit (UIP) of the National Police.

Atmosphere in the courts of Plaza de Castilla today when Begoña Gómez, the wife of the president, testifies before the judgeAlberto R. RoldanPhotographers

However, despite the strict police control, many people have gone to the courts to show their rejection of the wife of the head of the Executive. “Begoña, mobster”, “Mud, mud and more mud”“Begoña, feminist. Woman of…” and others demanding judicial independence, were some of the banners that could be seen among the fifty or so people protesting near the courts.

Among the most chanted songs: “Begoña, you have been caught, declare in court”, “Begoña to prison, Sánchez resigns”“No to amnesty” or the one repeated on other occasions “For seven votes you have a broken ass.” And a very specific one in support of the magistrate, “Judge Peinado, we are on your side.”

Vito Quiles, inside the court

It should be noted that inside the Plaza Castilla courts, where the president’s wife testified, there was Vito Quiles, one of the men linked to Alvise Pérez, as “assistant to a private prosecution.” However, the judge limited the entry of one lawyer per prosecution into the courtroom.

And if outside the courts an unprecedented judicial system has been established, inside the building the tone has been the same. On the sixth floor, where the court of the magistrate Juan Carlos Peinado is located, there were five security guards, as stipulated by the dean. Also, when Begoña Gómez arrived, “the elevator was blocked to get to that specific floor,” they reported from inside the building. Meanwhile, plainclothes agents constantly patrolled the corridors.