Shahed-136, these are the kamikaze drones that Iran launched against Israel: what is their range and how effective are they?

The Israeli Army reported this Saturday night that Iran launched a drone attack that will take a few hours to reach its territory. The weapons in particular would be Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) Shahed-136made in Iran, also used by Russia in the war with Ukraine.

Launch of a Shahed-136.The reasonSource: Ministry of Defense of Iran.

These dangerous drones have a range of 2,000 kilometerscapable of carrying 50 kilogram explosive warheads, enough to cause considerable damage to structures and infrastructure and uses a combination of inertial navigation and GPS to achieve its objective.

The Shahed 136 lacks external optics. This means that it cannot be directed remotely.: takes off and, in low flight, advances autonomously along a determined route according to the GPS coordinates entered before launch.

However, These drones are not very fast (185 km/hour), but they can fly at very low altitude (60 meters), which complicates its detection by radar systems. According to Israeli authorities, it will take them about nine hours to reach their airspace and they will most likely be shot down first.

Also known as Geran-2 in Russia, The Shahed-136 gained notoriety for its use in the Ukrainian War and became a key weapon of the Russians. Putin's Army used them to attack a wide range of targets, including ammunition depots, airfields, command and control centers, and even civilian installations.

Shahed-136.The reasonSource: Ministry of Defense of Iran.

The Shahed-136 had a significant impact on the Ukrainian war and posed new challenges for Ukrainian air defense. Due to its low cost and high effectivenessthe use of kamikaze drones like the Shahed-136 could be a game-changer in future conflicts.

Manufactured by HESA (Iranian Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company) it is shaped like a delta wing, the drone weighs about 200 kilogramsmeasure 3.5 meters long and its size is 2.5 meters. The payload (40-50 kilograms) and the navigation optics are located in the front while the rear is located Chinese-made engine MD 550 which drives a two-bladed propeller.