Scientists believe thousands of Antarctic penguins died in a bird flu outbreak

An international team of scientists suspects that thousands of Adelie penguins, which inhabit the coasts of Antarctica, died as a result of an outbreak of bird flu, which leads us to believe that the virus could threaten the conservation of this and other species on the frozen continent..

“This is the first time that wildlife in these regions has been threatened by a large-scale outbreak of the disease.”Meagan Dewar, who led the scientific expedition, told EFE on Tuesday, explaining that still “It is difficult to predict how things will evolve and how the virus will behave in the Antarctic environment”.

Dewar, an expert in biological sciences at Federation University Australia, and her colleagues found 532 carcasses of Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) during the southern summer on the Antarctic island of Heroina, in the Weddell Sea, which are believed to have died from HPAIV H5. , a subtype of the avian influenza pathogen.