Saturday's gadget: Xgimi Horizon Ultra, a projector with its own light

In the projector sector we have gone from huge machines that required an exquisitely constructed, smooth and colored background to small devices with great sound quality and capable of generating images in areas of more than 200 inches. We have already seen it with the LG CineBeam and with the MoGo 2 Pro. And now it's XGIMI's turn with the Horizon Ultra.

Weighing just over 5 kilos, this projector, according to its manufacturer, is “the first long-range projector in the world with Dolby Vision in 4K”, a huge commitment to image quality and also sound: a Harman Kardon system with up to 24 W RMS power. What does this mean? Basically, outdoors, where we have tested it, it can be heard perfectly even from 20 meters away.

One of the interesting aspects of the XGIMI Horizon Ultra is that it incorporates a hybrid laser and LED system for projections. Called Dual Light technology, it allows it to reach a brightness of up to 2,300 lumens. Still Outdoors, the image was seen with excellent quality with daylight. Of course: in the shade.

The maximum recommended image width is 200 inches, which means it has a diagonal of 5 meters maintaining 4K resolution. And it works like a movie thanks also to the fact that it is compatible with Dolby Vision.

Another interesting detail is the Intelligent Screen Adaptation 3.0 function. In basic terms, it allows Automatically adjust the size and parameters of the projected image. If we move the projector due to balance, space needs or other factors, the system adapts to the change to give the most appropriate image taking into account the distance and programmed quality.

We were pleasantly surprised that the projector does not require that the surface on which the image will be viewed must be completely white, or even smooth. The lumens and quality compensate for both and the brightness, contrast and color variables automatically adapt to the tone of the wall.

It has a Bluetooth remote control, WiFi 6, digital output, HDMI ports, two USB ports and yes, It is possible to connect consoles, as it offers 18 ms response time. This measurement indicates the time it takes for a pixel to change color. Although the normal time for computers is 5 ms, the time of this projector is very suitable for most games. Although it is obviously not a device designed or conceived for the gamer sector.

The XGIMI Horizon Ultra works with Android TV and is very appreciated when it comes to downloading all the streaming services that we have contracted: with the QR code and a mobile phone they are updated in a second.


One of the disadvantages of projectors is their lifespan. While televisions can reach 100,000 hours, this type of projectors do not exceed 30,000, which means about three years. That is the main disadvantage compared to a TV. The quality is increasingly reduced and the fact of being able to change the size depending on the place and the audience is a very interesting extra. If we are willing to spend 1899 euros, it is a very good option. You just have to take into account the use that we will give it in the long term.