Saturday's gadget: Suunto Race, a GPS to a tethered watch

The market for watches designed for sports is large and increasingly competitive. Not counting the specific incursions of smartphone manufacturers, the competition focuses mainly on Garmin, Coros, Polar and Suunto. Precisely the latter has launched a new product, the Suunto Race, a smart watch with GPS and a lot of ambition.

The watch has an improved AMOLED screen compared to previous generations, to which it adds internal hardware that runs the menu systems with notable improvements as well. To this we must add a new Simpler user interface with faster access to functions. So, between the touch screen, physical buttons and a rotating crown, there are many ways to interact with this model.

One of the aspects in which the Suunto Race stands out is the precision and reliability. From the dual-frequency GPS, to the barometer and the compass. Health monitoring, control of sleep routines and HRV (variability of heart rate) also give a lot of confidence. cardiac, a measure that calculates stress, lactate threshold and remaining energy). In short: very reliable for daily training and competition, even in remote environments. If we add to that that it allows download maps for offline useis a very powerful ally in the mountains.

We can also trust the battery. If we use the GPS without pause, 24 hours a day, we can get through the week without a problem. And, if we don't demand so much, it's almost a month. He The biggest “expense” in this sense will be the AMOLED screen: very good lighting, but with a high energy demand, one that increases even more if we want it to always be in ON mode.

Some aspects that should also be highlighted: does not have functions such as music storage, contactless payment and pairing of multiple Bluetooth sensors. In fact, It only allows you to pair it with one devicewhich can be a heart rate meter (if we are looking for data with even greater precision) or it can be headphones, but not both.

The interface is very intuitive and the number of sports available is more than adequate and it is very appreciated that there are not so many sports available… that are never used and there is more precision in the ones that are available. The ergonomics and weight (83 grams) are very suitable and they don't even feel on the wrist, the fit is good, the silicone strap does not bother with perspiration and still remains firm, without putting pressure, something very valuable when it comes to controlling the route or the time.


Its great disadvantage is that it does not allow you to pair with more than one device via Bluetooth and thus the choice is more complex than in other similar watches. Advantages? Very remarkable battery, excellent visibility screen, reliable measurements and a competitive price for its features: €449.