Saturday's gadget: Sony Ult Wear, balance of sound and price

Although there are companies that have traditionally built their fame on sound (Audio Techinca, Bang & Olufsen, Bose and Sony, to name the classics), more and more mobile manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, Nothing or realme) are seeking to carve out a niche for themselves. in the headphone sector. The difference, in simple terms, is 300 euros. The models of the former (largely) are above 450 euros, while the telephone companies are betting on a price that is not above 150. The exception is the Sony Ult Wear.

At first glance and in some aspects we could say that they are inspired by the classics (also from Sony) WH-1000XM5, headphones highly appreciated by experts, but whose price is in the range of 450 euros. At first glance, the Ult Wear have a design that seems close to the XM5: polycarbonate, some aluminum and synthetic material for the pads. They seem to be of very good quality, but a deeper examination leaves them in good quality (more than commensurate with their price). The material of the pads has been treated with a thermal process to avoid wrinkles during use. This not only affects the comfort when wearing them (very high), it also prevents the accumulation of skin and fat from long hours with them, since the folds constitute a good “hiding” for biological waste. It also does not accumulate traces in a noticeable way.

The setup, the ritual of removing them from their case, carrying them and putting them back, is very simple thanks to the folding capacity at the ends of the headband, which allows us to store them easily. Charging for wireless use is also very good: in less than five minutes, we spend more than an hour and a half of use. But this one can reach 52 hours without activating noise cancellation, just over half with this option active. Simply put, everything is intended for comfortable and efficient use.

But let's get to what's important: the sound quality. Most helmets have recently opted to emphasize the bass and it is not unusual. Scientifically, various studies indicate that low sounds give us more pleasure than high sounds, make us feel more confident and raise our self-esteem. That is when the origin of the name and surname of these helmets comes. Ult Wear has to do with a button, located on one of the sides, whose objective is switch between two different bass reproduction modes, which could be one that highlights the bass, a step above the usual and another that enhances them in a more than noticeable way. Why this? On the one hand, the aforementioned excuse of bass and pleasure and, on the other, bass has begun to occupy more and more spaces in music in the last 30 years, which makes manufacturers inclined to highlight this section.

And now the important thing: Noise Cancellation. In this section, Sony has always stood out among the best manufacturers. And the Ult Wear do not disappoint. Noise cancellation basically works thanks to microphones that capture sounds from the environment and a microchip that analyzes them and creates an antagonistic sound frequency that cancels them out. Sony's famous XM5 have two microchips for this function, while the Ult Wear only have one, but it is enough for them. If we add that these are headband helmets, that the pads fit very well and that the microchip behaves reliably. The noise cancellation is on the podium of the best… for this price.

If we add to this that the touch controls are intuitive and respond easily, they connect to most voice assistants, operating systems and They are relatively light (255 grams)it is clear that the Ult Wear are designed as an all-rounder of quality and price.

Verdict: If you like over-ear headphones, noise cancellation is non-negotiable and the price (below 200 euros) is non-negotiable, and sports are not the most frequent environment, Ult Wear are a very good option.