Saturday's gadget: Oppo Reno11 F5G, the mobile that wants to make waves

The mid-range phone market is undoubtedly one of the most contested in recent years. OnePlus, realme or Nothing are doing very well in this section and, after a complicated season due to a patent issue, Oppo returns to Europe with an interesting proposal: the Reno11 F 5G.

At first glance, the first thing that catches your attention is its back. The Reno11 F 5G has been subjected to a chemical process that Create a unique wave pattern for each device (this is in the blue model, there is also a green one in which this feature is not seen). Although it obviously does not affect the performance of the mobile, it is an interesting detail that adds points in terms of appearance.

The screen that this smartphone wears is a 6.7-inch AMOLED, with a 120 Hz touch response, a polycarbonate body and straight frames that make it easy to grip. All of this (the wave design and the polycarbonate) reduce the accumulation of fingerprints. If we add to this a very “short” thickness (7.54 mm) and a weight of less than 180 grams, the phone attracts attention. In short: it is a mobile that looks.

The “controls” (volume and power) are well located and there we also have the option of dual SIM or expanding the storage memory with a micro SD card. Of course, it does not include a 3.5 mm jack (like many) no stereo speakers, something you don't see often and penalizes a little when playing audio. In this section it should be noted that it is not among the best in the mid-range and is in the middle of the table: it is not bad, but it certainly does not highlight its sound.

This is one of the keys to mid-range models: the choice of features. Oppo has chosen to leave aside the sound a little and in exchange has provided the mobile with greater resistance: protection against dust and water IP65. In fact, the Chinese company focuses on this section, which, although it does not make it a smartphone resistant to extremes, does take a step forward.

Details worth highlighting: good screen brightness in high light conditions, excellent filtering of external sounds on calls thanks to the Clear Voice option, available in Settings. It also has a good 5,000 mAh battery and fast charging (charger not included) that reaches 50% in less than 15 minutes.

As far as the brain is concerned, the Reno11 F 5G has a MediaTek Dimensity 7050. A thumbs up in terms of power: it will not cause problems, but it does not give pleasant surprises either. Of course, the good news is that in somewhat more involved tasks, no temperature increase detected in the body of the mobile. To that we must add 8 GB RAM (adequate) and 256 GB of storage. The minimum in this type of mobile.

As far as cameras are concerned, we have a 64 MP main camera, an 8 MP wide angle camera and a 2 MP macro camera. To that is added a 32 MP front. So much the main one and the selfie work very well. They even support night mode and portraits well. But he is far from having photography as one of his claims. And on video, the same.

Verdict: the Reno11 F 5G is about 350 euros. For that price there are better options in all the sections individually, but overall, it is in a good place. Its greatest asset is the design.